Monday, April 4, 2011

New Skill - Yoga

With the "Death Sweat Doom" TPK of the party in my Sea of Spices OD&D game I spontaneously decided to immediately jump to the next game I want to DM, the feudal far-future space fantasy adventures of the Pluton Zone, inspired by Jack Vance and Dune and powered by Humanspace Empires.

When I say inspired by Dune, I mean inspired by Dune and fake-Dunes. The Lynch movie. The never-happened Jodorowsky Dune. Metabarons.

I'm talking about space psychic martial arts stuff here. Jedi shit.

While riffing on the tantric new-age future of Humanspace Empires, where a significant portion of the Tamil-descended adventuring population possesses psychic abilities, the thought occured to me that of course these space dudes practice yoga; that in fact pretty much everyone in Humanspace Empire practices magic space yoga.

Now I don't know much about yoga, but it seems that a RPG skill based on my bizarre pulp adventure concept of yoga could be a pretty kickass and useful skill for the right game.

Need to hold your breath until rescue arrives? Make a yoga roll.

Need to stand on top of a pole for days? Make a yoga roll.

Need to quickly recover your magical potency? Make a yoga roll.

Need to contort your body to fit through a cat door? Make a yoga roll.

Need to sexually impress someone? Make a yoga roll.

Also: My back wasn't hurt on Friday either ;P


  1. I would name it in more Lovecraftian way, i.e. Yio-Gha or sth :D But I think that it may collide with your vision of your game :-)

  2. Now I'm imagining space-Gomez Addams. That is by definition a good thing.

  3. This is awesome and I'm really excited to hear that you are running Humanspace. I love the image of yoga practicing spacemen. Take a look at Control of Self (a 1st level Astronaut power). It is pretty much yoga as you describe it.

  4. Maybe I'll just rename Wisdom to Yoga...

  5. I'm not sure I'd call it "Space Yoga" myself, but I like the idea.

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