Friday, December 11, 2009

Chapter 11, Part 3: "The Mighty Hunter..."

Buzz Brazelhach - Rowdy, Hearty and Lusty Australian Adventurer
Corporal Radar O' Reiley - Earth Man Rocketship-Soldier, Former Crewmate of Moon Martin
Dickie Dee - Bone Man Intoxicant Addict and Sorcerer
Jedediah - 1850s' Nevada Alien Abductee, Cousin of Thibodeaux
Kalervo - Cactoid
Monster Monagin - Earth Man Fightin' Sailor
Moon Martin - Grating Earth Man Psychic, Former Crewmate of Radar O'Reiley
Nigel Nightbringer - British Man-at-Arms
Rodan the Scrounger - Zermish (Green) Man Fighting-Man and Scavenger
Thibodeaux - 1850s' Nevada Alien Abductee, Cousin of Jedediah
Xarnagan Vrokk - Haasht Man Fighting-Sage
and Vrroomish - Tikalg Man Dandy and Adventurer

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The dim viridian glow of a few chemical torches scattered about the cavern illuminate the tableaux of Buzz Brazelhach loudly abusing Moon Martin with word and boot as the psychic wakes. The others rush and restrain Buzz, aside from Dickie Dee who begins fiercely interrogating the Earth Man Mind Wizard.

Moon Martin grovels and wheedles as his belongings are searched. As well as the bulky laser rifle and an automatic, he also possesses two revolvers and a suit of advanced metal armor that is folded up and stored in his baggage. The suit of advanced metal armor is given to the cactus-warrior. Composed of thin, light plates of high molecular density alloys over a body suit of flexible alloy mesh, it protects as well as a plate-and-mail harness without slowing or unduly encumbering the wearer.

Dickie Dee continues questioning and bargaining with Moon Martin, who negotiates with a grating, whining voice. Somehow he ends up only parting with the armor, and the party goes back to their respective bedding.

Several days pass as the companions travel through the rugged Bornite Mountains. Fortunately thay have already traveled this route twice and now know the lay of the land well enough to avoid hazards and avoid getting lost. Finally they descend from the mountains to the Rust Desert, in the vicinity of the Bronze Dome of the Desert. As the party travels southwards on their ornith steeds, a strange animals is spotted ahead.

It looks like a smaller, skinny camel, but with a sinuous, elongated snout like that of an elephants if reduced in scale. The creature seems oblivious to the apprehensive party but Dickie Dee rides ahead and fires of a round of gamma radiation blasts with his new raygun. The beams of invisible radiation miss, understandably so when the Bone Man's complete lack of experience or training with energy weapons is considered. The creature raises it's snout, which weaves like a cobra and seems to be pointed at Dickie Dee.

The party makes a wide detour around the animal, which is apparently slower than the orniths, but after circumnavigating it Dickie Dee calls a halt before he and Moon Martin draw their energy guns and begin firing at the approaching creature.

While Dickie's invisible blasts seems to keep missing, Moon Martin is completely inept with his bulky laser rifle and shatters rust and rocks into lava.

As the rest of the party, including Moon Martin retreat, the creature's trunk continue to train on the Bone Man Sorcerer as it trots forward. Suddenly a small section of flank flashes green before dissolving a flank, Dickie Dee finally strikes with a grazing blast.

As the creature whinnies and flees in the opposite direction the Bone Man's next shot drives a swath of green light through it's body before the glowing section dissolves into a circular hole full of blood, innards and ash.

The party soon arrives at Jakay where Dickie Dee takes leave in order to conclude some secretive business, although he takes his old friend Monster Monagin and his new acquaintance Jedediah in order to have fighting-men with him.

They go to the Bronze Engine where Vrroomish talks with the proprietor briefly before they are informed that their lodging, food and beverages are on the house as long as they need, courtesy of the grateful Vrroomish who joins the party in a night of carousing. As the companions dine on massive slabs of grilled stegosaur, imbibe liquor, smoke green cigars and puff on water pipes, they also count their haul from their sundry adventures in the past considerable span of time. As it turns out, they have quite a haul of crystals, gems and coin to divide amongst themselves!

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