Friday, April 22, 2011

Dresh Adventure Seeds

1 - The proprietors of the Mohabatan Manhunting Lodge, "Hunters Rock," are shorthanded and desperate, being even willing to hire "outsystem mercenary scum" to staff their "Hunting Expeditions." Rraise communications with the Mohabatan station on the orbiting moonlet for more information.
2 - Giant Slug-Man crime lord Iubbu the Slug is offering a significant bounty for a smuggler that has wronged him; seek an audience with him at his palace for the details.
3 - There are rumors that some of Iubbu the Slug's slave-robots have escaped and that there is a reward for their discrete capture and return.
4 - Everyone knows that the southern hemisphere is uninhabited due to the dangerous megafauna, but ruins have been spotted by smugglers.
5 - A breakaway splinter group of the Sand Surfers that have renounced nonviolence, the "New Revoluionary Light," seeks principled mercenaries.
6 - "The Fountain of Dreams" is a very valuable commodity, perhaps some enterprising amateurs could made a tidy sum of Terces by poking around?

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