Monday, April 25, 2011

Whiteboard of Space Adventure

Top: From the Fulsome Sow's charts, a diagram of the Dresh system on a page torn from a children's book.
Center: A rocky hill with the bunker entrance to Iubbu's Palace.
Right: One of Iubbu's uplifted swine guards, armed with a vibro-bardiche.
Bottom: A diagram of the visible layout of Iubbu's Palace.
Left(bottom): Iubbu the Slug, enjoying his hookah upon a pile of moist, stained cushions.
Left(top): The puritanical garments worn by most of the locals.

Centre-Top Addition: Side view of a six-seat flit car with bubble canopy.
Right Addition: Pleasure automation hairstyle diagram.
Bottom-Right Addition: Coffin-like case from alien ruins.
Bottom-Left Addition: Hexapodal Hill Hopper, destructive herd pests of Dresh.
Bottom-Left Corner Addition: Cliff-side facade of alien ruins
Right Addition: Skeleton of alien remains within case, viewed via scientist extra vision.