Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jewel Throne Artwork Preview

Here is a portion of the Robot-Fighter Character Class illustration by the estimable Jason Alexander Scanlon. Holy crap, this cat can draw! How come I don't see his stuff on products?

The Robot-Fighter class seems a worthy candidate for porting into Humanspace Empire, as well as Dune (Butlerian Jihad era) or Saberhagen Berserker mileus.


  1. Cool. Look forward to seeing what makes a good robot fighter. There are about four billion wild robots on Tau Ceti 3 that need to be Magnus-ized.

  2. Awesome where has this cat been & why haven't we heard of him before? Cool & quit teasing us with neat stuff. We need a shot of Jewel Throne!

  3. Gee, thanks for the plugs! I hope I can live up to the hype, there's no shortage of contributions from cats I personally admire and I'd hate not to do this thing justice. Sincerest thanks to Blair and everybody else for the support. Love you guys!

  4. Yes! Robot-maiming action!

    Hey Blair -- Do you think you could ID the sources for the new images on your banner and sidebar? I recognize only a couple of em.

  5. I'm glad you guys like it!

    @jason: No, Thank You! :)

    @Greg: I'm going to try to do this off of the top of my head w/o using google:

    1 - I believe it may be an old tyme photo of a real life ziggurat in the Iranian regions? Possibly unearthed & restored.

    2 - Martian prehistoric human-creating psychic bug from Quatermass and the Pit.

    3 - Unknown old tyme engraving found while image searching for "Ymir," the uncropped version is awesome!

    4 - Valley of the Gwangi.

    5 - Virgil Finlay illustration, possibly from The Face in the Abyss.

    6 - Extradimensional villain from cheap, oldie Spider Man AND Rocket Robin Hood.

    7 - Virgil Finlay, provenance unknown.

    8 - Book Cover for the novelization of 20 Million Miles to Earth.

    9 - Illustration from the UK Games Workshop edition of Holmes Basic.

    10 -Spicy illo detail from Down in the Dungeon