Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mohabat and the Sand Surfers of Dresh

When I randomly generated the characteristics of the Mohabat system I came up with sectarians conflict and hatred of neighbors. The idea that coagulated was a planet of jerk-crazy religious fundamentalists; a world full of religious tyrannies that combine the worst excesses of folks like the Taliban; Wesborough apostates; comic-book witch-burning Puritans; Inquisitors; the no-funskis from "Footloose," and the like. Some of them attempt terrorism against the sinful neighboring luxury resort system of Dozold, while others hunt the outcasts of the neighboring Dresh system for apostate slaughtering, and thereby righteous, sport.

Now these jackasses aren't meant to represent any real world folks; they practice some vague future-space "Universal Orange Chrasmologic Yogic Fundamentalism." And the system having the name "Mohabat" is a coincidence, I just rolled with the dice. And their ferocious sectarianism presents opportunities for all sorts of Guilliver's Travels Swift-ian (and Vance-ian) nonsense, such as the sect that refuses to acknowledge that they poop and have secret shame chambers with their toilets, or the folks that absolutely must wear masks all the time.

The neighboring Dresh system emerged as a systempopulated by xenophobic outcasts; obviously Mohabat zealots that were ejected for their sects being the wrong sort of douchbags; being even too much of a bunch of douchebags for even the nutcases of Mohabat; and those that weren't douchebags and were driven away for not being haters.

One of the last kinds of Mohabat refugee sects are the Sand Surfers of Dresh. They surf upon the equatorial sand current of Dresh; they practice a mystic ecstatic religion of peace, love and universal fraternity; they oppose of hunting of Dresh's Sand Whales; the practice sustainable, responsible harvesting of the rare potent Dresh psychedelic cactus "The Fountain of Dreams" or "Desert Lotus" which they use in their communial singing, dancing services; they wear beads and colorful or tie-dyed desert robes and stillsuits; they're long-haired and the men are bearded; and they play digeridoos, bongos and acoustic guitars.

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