Saturday, April 16, 2011

Four-Seven-Inch-Square-Panel DM Screen Attempt

Black foam-core; girlfriend's black electrical tape (all used up, must immediately get more!); rusty old razor knife (good blades are at work); measuring tape (was too hurried/stupid to use a proper steel ruler).

The spirit behind this attempt was "just knock out a prototype"; so I didn't fuss overmuch over my complete inability to make a straight cut, etc.


  1. I have a black foam core + electrical tape prototype DM screen as well! I'd meant to glue my charts and stuff to it but I haven't got around to it yet.

  2. Dang! That was fast! I must get to work on this project now.

  3. I use Dark Heresy GM's screen :D

    BTW, I love your blog's new header and awesome set of pics :D

  4. I have a home-made DM screen stuffed into my bookshelf. It is only remarkable because I also made it out of black foam core and black tape. The 'necessary charts' are printed out on paper and taped inside.
    I never got around to decorating the outside of it.
    My other favorite screen is an old "D&D" one that has skulls drawn on paper and pasted to the front of the screen (a skull representing a PC death). Unfortunately, I didn't keep up on my kills so the screen is out of date, but hopefully it would inspire fear in the players.

  5. Well, for a basic prototype, not bad. Be sure to keep us updated as the project progresses

  6. @ Stuart: Great minds think alike!

    @ Omlet: Thanks man :)

    @ Limpley: You should post pictures of your screen! I was considering making crude marker drawings of skulls, daggers, evil eyes and fangs for the front of mine....

    @ Nachtwulf: Just you wait, I'm already cooking stuff up...