Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Technologies - Marcab Enclaves

The Marcabs were a powerful galactic civilization of human-like beings that existed at the same time as the Ancients of Algol. An oppressive, totalitarian people, they established several outposts in the Beta Persai system before their Confederacy collapsed due to war.

Although the appearance of their dress, architecture and technology is eerily similar to that of 1950s Earth American, albeit much more severe, stark, cold and also monochromatic, they possessed a much higher level of scientific sophistication and mastered the manipulation of psychic energies.

Several of their outposts on Algol survived as extradimensional enclaves. Accessed via armored, bunker like vault doors, these enclaves are notable for the complete absence of any color within the extradimensional space, with everything appearing to be be composed of grays, black and white. Usually these Marcab Enclaves consist of a towering, almost inhuman skyscraper like structure, usually with several shorter wings, surrounded by an endless flat plain of thick, closely cropped turf. It is constantly mid-day in these enclaves, the sky cloudless.

The few remaining Marcabs are usually immensely powerful Mind Wizards with access to powerful technologies. Their servitors are usually robotic or synthetic, although some have been known to abduct outsiders and force them to take part of their "society." It is said that all Marcabs are insane, and that some of them have been warped by psychic energies, mutating into inhuman monstrosities over the aeons. Some insist that certain especially loathsome psychic abominations that lurk in the darkest pits of Algol are descended from such Marcabs.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Triumph At Red Box Vancouver!

crOm of Red Box Vancouver graciously invited me to one of their games at a coffee shop in my neighborhood last night. As I just had a band practice cancellation and a hole in my schedule I jumped at the opportunity...although every other member of the "Saucers & Sorcerers Society" were too busy/cool/lame ;) to attend...

...and I had a great time! The Red Box Vancouver guys are a real friendly/welcoming and fun bunch, and Corporal Kaffshyth ("Sending teenaged boys to their death is precisely how I became a Corporal!) was proud to aid the good people of Threshold by rescuing the children TREASURE! from the sewers. As well as uncovering a conspiracy involving corrupt, evil town guards! (I think that snooty elf is involved as well...)

However, Next time Corporal Kaffshyth is bringing the necessary equipment to harvest Yellow Mold and Rot Grubs. "What do you get when you cross a bottle full of rot grubs with a dragon? A dead dragon..."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talos Tuesday

Credit to Gene Wolfe as the Talos is heavily inspired by the Talus of the Long Sun series.

# Encountered: 1
Armor Class: 0
Move: 9"
Hit Dice: 20
Attacks: machinegun 2-12 targets in a 10'x40' area for 4-16 damage with a range of 500' or 2 blows for 2-20
Special: can use flamethrower 3 times per day in a 40'x10' cone, inflicts 2-16 damage for 2 rounds, save vs. dragon breath for half damage, can use flamethrower in addition to machinegun or blows; has two missiles that inflicts 8-80 damage to all in a 30' blast, save vs. dragon breath for half, with a range of 1,000', cannot make any other attacks when firing a missile.; immune to sleep, charm, hold, cold, poison, paralysis, and mental effects; immune to fire, cold and electricity; can roll over slower or motionless targets for 4-40 damage.
Intelligence: Semi-low, dependent upon quality of positronics and programming
Alignment: Neutral
Size: Large
A Talos is a massive military automation composed of a the semblance of the upper body of a broad, fierce warrior with a monstrous tusked face; but below the waist it is a tracked carriage resembling an Earth tank, with the humanoid torso mounted where the turret would be. This mechanism stands 16' tall, and is composed of hardened bronze-colored alloys.
A Talos may strike with it's huge fists or giant weapons; or it may fire the twin machineguns located in it's eyes. They also have a flamethrower located in their mouth and each forearm holds a concealed launcher and one missile.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Surreality - Xaxx The Watcher

Xaxx the Watcher is a a figure in the theological legends of the Lawful religions. Depicted as a seervitor or aspect-filament of Tothet, Xaxx is said to be a holy warrior that can detect evil, is resistant to sorcery, and can cast the extraworldly servants of Chaos out of Algol. The Watcher carries a massive holy flaming sword, a magic telescope which can detect evil at great distances, and is clad is shining silvery full articulated plate armor.

As depicted in scriptures The Watcher never speaks, instead using gestures and it's pupil to communicate. It's archetypal pose is pointing at finger (at evil), with it's pupil contracted and angry looking.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Cactoid Snipping Off His Spines In Order to Don Enchanted Armor...

A brilliant piece of Planet Algol fan-art by Andrew Walter! Kalervo perhaps?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tyrant - Darath Ymph

Blame Jack Vance and Encounter Critical...

Roughly twenty years ago he emerged from the wastes of the Greater Glow, followed by his henchmen and soldiers, and began a campaign to bring the Western Badlands under his iron heel.

Darath Ymph, The Deranged Tyrant, a strategic and tactical genius of great vanity who is the de facto ruler of the Western Badlands and who aims to conquer the known civilized lands and make himself Autarch.

Darath Ymph, a tall Hyperborean of patrician aspect and possessing an impressive black mustache, clad either in his sinister black war harness or in foppish finery of lilac, mauve, lavender, teal, and similar hues. Darath Ymph, a master of fencing who has no qualms personally slaying those who have displeased him with the red energy blade of his Phasic foil.

Served by his Vizir, the lich Sorcerer Gelgethea, and his fanatically devoted army: the reanimated Skeletroopers; the psychic slime warriors in their black exo-suits; his elite Andorian battleguard; and many others eccentric and fierce of aspect.

His throne is Skullstone Skyisland, which hovers miles above the Glow Pit, his servitors flying out in gleaming chrome skull-shaped sky vessels to do his bidding and enforce his will over the Western Badlands.

Located deep in the bowels of Skullstone Skyisland is a labyrinthine complex of tunnels and chambers, known as "The Proving Pits of the Deranged Tyrant," where those who seek the favor of Darath Ymph prove their mettle with blade, spell or stealth. These Proving Pits are said to have several connections to the pan-dimensional meta-dungeon "The Black Ziggurat."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Monster - Andorians

I originally saw the idea of representing Hobgoblins as Andorians in one of Jeff Rients' dungeons, and the idea just stuck with me. Having a need for gangs of antennaed thugs in my campaign Jeff's idea seemed an elegant solution, and now, in my personal campaign the Gygaxian Ecological Niche of the Hobgoblin is filled by the Andorians.

Frequency: Rare
No. Appearing: 4-24, 20-200 in lairs
Armor Class: 6 (limited exoskeleton) or by armor
Move: 12"
Hit Dice: 1+1 (5+5 in Mutant Future)
% In Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: D
Attacks: By weapon or 1-8
Special: Surprised on on a 1 in 6 due to antennae
Intelligence: Very
Alignment: Lawful evil
Size: Medium

Andorians are a race of human-like semi-insectoids with blue skin, white hair and knobby antennae on top of their head. They lack visible ears, using their antennae to both hear and enhance their vision. They lack a circulatory system and have blue blood. They are a violent race, with a totalitarian, militaristic, traditionalist society, with strong taboos against dishonesty,  and social rank dependent upon military rank. They consider themselves to be a deeply emotional, passionate race, but appear to be tightly controlled and almost emotionless to non-Andorians, and also do not understand the concepts of charity or sympathy. Although an aggressive race, their traditions require justification for violence. Their are four genders of Andorians, two female and two male, with minor anatomical differences in minor anatomical details such as antennae between the genders that are not readily apparent to non-Andorians. They marry and live in units of four individuals.

They have leaders, elite guards, and all that other jazz like Hobgoblins do.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Table for use with Exquisite Corpses

d% Table for use with Stefan Poag's Exquisite Corpses
01-04 A. Ape
05-08 B. Bird, Monster
09-12 C. Brain-Headed Alien (Bighead)
13-16 D. Bug-Man (Insectoid)
17-20 E. Bull-Man ("Taurian")
21-24 F. Centipede, Giant Monstrous
25-28 G. Cthuloid (Squid-head)
29-32 H. Cyclopskiapod (One-eyed Hopper)
33-36 I. Dracon (Dragon, Wyrm, etc.)
37-40 J. Fungoid (Shroomian)
41-44 K. Great Race
45-48 L. Horse-Headed Centaur ("Horse-Head")
49-52 M. Icthyoid (Fish-Man)
53-56 N. Leech-Man (Sucker)
57-58 O. Man (human)
59-62 P. Man-Bat
63-66 Q. Mutant
67-70 R. Pig-Man (El Puerco)
71-74 S. Robot
75-78 T. Tree Man
79-82 U. Rotting Corpse (Zombie)
83-86 V. Saurian (humanoid)
87-90 W. Snake, giant (Monster)
91-94 X. Tentacler (Monster)
95-98 Y. Two Headed Giant (Giant)
99-00 Z. Woman (human)

Mutant Future Friday - Android Illness

Android Illness as in This and This (btw see also This...which I'm going to use as another Plane for my campaign).

Critical Update Overload

The android enters an area subject to broadband wireless networking from surviving pre-holocaust cybernetic installations. Every day there is a 50% chance that the android will be shut-down for 1d6 hours while "downloading a crucial software update." This condition will persist until the android exists the wi-fi area or gets a cybertechnician to diable automatic updates.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EXQUISITE CORPSES Now on Sale...Or A Free PDF!!?!?1

"...Damn, look at that, Crabman is hard on the ladies. I wonder if he's taking that one off to another part of their nightmare cave to make some lady nuggets..."
Stefan Poag's Hotly Anticipated Random Monster Generator Tool EXQUISITE CORPSES Now Available for $10 (dead tree version) or as a (temporarily) Free PDF!

Fuck yeah, Slugbats...Mind Flayers...Crabman boners! A great toolkit for DM creativity! Lots of fun gonzo artwork to goof off with! And that madman Stefan is temporarily offering it as a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD, what a fucking class-act this guy is!

As an aside, I've been doing almost NO WORK on the Planet Algol booklet. I though I was in the "finalizing" stage of this thing months ago, but than I kept on getting sidetracked. "Ohh...the encounter table section needs a robust, wide NPC generation system! Dang, the robust, detailed NPC Generation System is dependent upon completing the Magic Item and Technolgical Item section!" ..and so forth. I call this "The Hydra," as in that for every one section that I think I've finished two more sections demand to be designed! At the turn of the New Year I WAS READY TO PUBLISH THIS THING IN A MATTER OF WEEKS and than I keep on getting distracted by side-tracks and months later I'm out of steam.

I'm seriously considering abandoning my quixotic attempt at a "90% Perfect Sandbox Setting & Science Fantasy Resource," compiling what I have, giving it a once over spit-and-polish, throwing in some dungeons and cranking it out.

I do have all sorts of goofy Planet Algol-related ideas percolating, but I think we'll all be served better by me holding off on such things until I get the first booklet finished and published. There's no need to hold off on "Planet Algol 1 - The Iridium Plateau" due to me banging away at including comprehensive science fantasy basket-weaving rules....

Anyways, what I have been up to lately is listening to records. Here's a random table:

d12 What Blair Has Been Listening To Lately Random Table
1- The Plasmatics - Beyond the Valley of 1984
2- Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn
3- Nifelheim - Servants of Darkness
4- Inepsy - City Weapons
5- Procreation - Rebirth Into Evil
6- Katastrofialue - Tuskatakuu '94-'98
7- Nausea - The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.2
8- Detonize - Rat Dogs of War
9- Witchchrist - Curses of Annihilation
10- Martire - 12" EP
11-12 - Some kick-ass seventies soft rock on the radio...Summer Breeze!!1

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mind Wizard and Assassin Traits

In order for use with this and this.

d20 Mind Wizard Traits
1 Bulging, saucer eyes.
2 Protuberant cranial veins that throb when using mental powers.
3 Can telepathically communicate with animals.
4 Oversize cranium.
5 Elongated, narrow skull.
6 Bald.
7 Bald with a vaguely brain-shaped heap.
8 Gem impanted in forehead.
9 Will meditate for hours on end.
10 Holds all non-psychic beings in contempt.
11 Is really into crystals.
12 Malformed or crippled.
13 Creepy child, may have a bowl cut.
14 Stares all the time, never blinks.
15 Occasionally mutters in an unknown language to unseen entities and is completely unaware of doing so.
16 Is always performing calculations.
17 Always wears striking robes, most likely of metallic fabric.
18 Wears a metal headband.
19 Blind, but is unhampered due to psychic compensation.
20 Can sense demons, evil spirits and the like.

d20 Assassin Traits
1 Wears black all of the time.
2 Almost never speaks.
3 Broods on rooftops and otherwise engages in similar behavior.
4 Always making euphemistic quips and witticisms related to their profession.
5 A consummate professional.
6 Former consummate profession now sloppy due to the toll of intoxicant abuse.
7 Has a poisoned dart thrower concealed in an item of jewelry.
8 Has a slender, flexible melee weapon concealed in an inoffensive item.
9 Collects poisons, has en extensive collection.
10 Can hide motionless for days.
11 Ruthless about gold and always demands full payment before the job.
12 Collects trophies from their kills.
13 Always leaves a signature "calling card." such as a purple lotus, a distinctive weapon left in the victim's body or a glyph carved into the wall.
14 Makes friends with their targets beforehand.
15 Refuses to kill women or children.
16 Relishes the suffering of the innocent, vulnerable and the helpless.
17 Devotee of a death or murder cult.
18 Is always reserved, inscrutable, aloof and unflappable, but is actually very, very intoxicated all of the time.
19 Uses poisonous creatures in their trade.
20 Master of disguise and bluffing.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Algolian Deities - Iashar and Vaikhal

IASHAR - The Haunter of Desolate Places and Piper of Madness
Depicted vaguely as a loathsome, elongated, malformed, mottled, capering figure with phosphorescent eyes , Iashar is said to haunt the wastes of Algol. Tales speak of a distant atonal, reedy, whistling piping heard at night in such regions. This piping is reputed to induce panic and eventual madness and is attributed to Iashar. The hopelessly mad wretches and reavers that wander the wastelands are said to be his followers.

VAIKHAL - The Inexorable Iron Wheel
Vaikhul is depicted as an unspeakably massive towering iron spiked wheel; the cruel blade-like spikes that stud it's tread are clotted with debris, mangled metal and clotted bodies and blood. Vaikhal embodies methodical, merciless slaughter and destruction and is the patron of those that exterminate hostile nonhumans and other threats to Lawful men and civilization.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Devil is in 160 Details...Planet Algol Style NPC Traits

I've been busy lately with family, band practice, videogames (Metro 2033!) and other nonsense, with the end result being unconscionable neglect of both working on the Planet Algol booklet and this blog. As an act of contrition please enjoy the below NPC Trait generation system, a rough draft of the material I'm working on for the NPC Generation section of the Planet Algol booklet.

As a related aside, I've been hearing muttering that a certain deranged savant is planning on releasing a generic free(?) Science Fantasy supplement for Swords & Wizardry, and that some of the planned content may render some of the inchoate Planet Algol material redundant...which has me pretty jazzed as it may mean less work on my end.! Hopefully this project materializes soon and dovetails nicely with the Planet Algol project!

Anyways, I'm getting pumped for doing some more "Dungeon Jamming" with D&D bros Lester & Cameron tonight, who know what madness will emerge from our demented imaginations...

This NPC Trait Generation system was developed as a component of my Planet Algol NPC Generation system. It's a rough first draft, expect something wider, deeper, weirder and meaner in the future...

d6 - # of Traits
1 One
2-4 Two
5 Three
6 Four

d6 Trait Table to Roll On
1-5 General NPC Traits Table
6 Class-specific Trait Table


General NPC Traits


Wears strings of pierced coins.


Wears a knife on an arm sheath.


Always has bare arms.


Wears old hoop earrings.


Wears red leather headband.


Wears a high-collared cloak or coat which conceals lower portion of face.


Clad in striking black and white garments and gear.


Wears a bubble-like helmet.


Wears a metal helmet which completely covers head and face.


Wears a stylized metal mask in the form of an animal's face.


Wears a simple domino style mask.


Wears a crested helmet.


Wears bracers of precious metal.


Wears a foil jumpsuit.


Wears a tight-fitting bodysuit.


Garments are constructed of small, light metal scales.


Wears a hooded, poncho-like garment.


Wears a monocle.


Wears a metal skullcap.


Wears an Earth Man flying helmet.


Wears sleek, elbow-length gloves.


Very elderly.


Wears a skull-face mask.


Wears bone jewelry.


Wears an amulet composed of a fragment of an ancient technology.


Wears an amulet of a tiny stone idol.


Wears a metal amulet of an abstract symbol.


Has a harsh, grating voice.




Sings instead of talking.


Speaks in Haiku-like statements.


Has small, suspicious eyes.


Wears a wide-brimmed hat.


Wears a very tall hat.


Wears gauzy, flowing robes.


Wears thin circlet of bronze.


Short and small, often mistaken for child if young.


Is very, very tall.


Wears a metal gorget.


Nose was once broken.


Wears dinosaur hide bracers.


Wears a turban.


Wears a simple undyed robe.


Terrible facial scars, one eye.


One limb is mechanical.


Bears the scars of a whipping or torture.


Shaves head aside for a single braided lock.


Constantly wears a cowl and veil.


Wears metallic cloth tunic.


Wears high-strapped metallic sandals.


Is always shirtless.


Carries a whip, very skilled with it.


Scout for a band of robbers.


Indebted to slavers.


Pursued by an vengeful former lover.


Obsessed with maintaining protections from evil spirits.


Obsessively hates mutants.


Secretly a mutant.


Servitor of a powerful supernatural being.


Will never lie.


Expert, habitual liar.


Secretly a descendant of Royalty with inherited birthmark, may be hunted.


Secretly a lawful vigilante.


Really into shopping for gear and supplies.


Can calm down agitated animals.


Can predict dangerous weather conditions.


Is convinced supernatural forces interfere in their affairs.


Knows the location of a hidden treasure.


Can run very fast.


Keeps a journal with sketches and maps.


Asks a lot of questions which quickly becomes tiresome.


Will conceal tears when a companion dies.


Can convincingly pretend to know strangers.


Is a recent parent, found it to be a life-changing experience.


Has a perfect singing voice.


Often loses important objects.


Plays with campfires way too much.


Throws up when a friend dies.


Laughs at very inappropriate moments.


Cannot lie without giggling.


Mercilessly ogles those they find attractive.


Is convinced they will die soon.


Is obsessive in checking campsites, bedding, books and the like for poisonous vermin.


Will always try shooting inoffensive wildlife.


Collects interesting rocks.


Always wants to gamble.


Is a really good cook but is insufferably smug about it.


Is really lazy but always has an excuse.


Sometimes get too excited and acts like a child.


Will not travel at night due to fear of nightgaunts.


Secretly has a crush on a PC.


Will never betray or abandon an ally.


Claims to be a great swimmer but isn't.


Claims that vegetation gives them a rash.


Illiterate but tries to pretend otherwise.


Very cheap, has lots of copper pieces.


Always sharpening blades.


Cannot eat without complaining about food.


Dislikes bright light in the morning.


Afraid of dinosaurs and large reptiles.


Fighting-Man Traits


Hero of a famous or infamous battle.


Current or former gladiatorial slave.


Missing several teeth.


Facial scar from sword wound.


Always telling dirty stories and jokes.


Meticulous about maintaining and repairing equipment.


Exercises a lot, prefers to do so naked.


Practices an unusual, digusting diet in order to "maintain conditioning."


Collects medals and odd bits of armor.


Wants to die in single combat against a worthy opponent.


Unafraid to knifefight or wrestle beats or monsters, actually quite effective at it.


Never complains, always pitches in if there's work to do.


Can make a deadly weapon out of almost anything, also a ruthless brawler.


Was raised by ferocious, savage nonhumans.


Doesn't trusts sorcerers, mind wizards and their ilk.


Has burn-scars from energy weapons.


Frequently checks that weapons are secured in sheaths and holsters, reminds others to do the same.


Knowledgeable in artillery and explosives.


Has a secret cache of military equipment.


Has strong connections with a mercenary band.


Sorcerer Traits


Was an apprentice to a master of considerable repute.


Meditates at every available opportunity.


Abstains from all physical labor, claims that it weakens internal concentration.


Supplements diet with disgusting invertebrates.


Only drinks water and certain bitter teas.


Is drunk all of the time, does not impair spellcasting.


Claims that others cannot comprehend their mystical secrets.


Insanely jealous of other sorcerers.


Will stop at nothing to attain greater sorcerous power.


Frequently sniffs a dusty grey power, the remains of corpses reduced to certain essential salts.


Carried an unwieldy, baroque staff with several secret compartments.


Wears a ring with a retractable poison needle.


Has an incorporeal servitor, requires regular rituals and sacrifices to placate.


Is from another plane and has an especially unusual appearance.


Gaunt, skeletal appearance.


Waxy, unhealthy complexion with cancerous dark eyes.


Has dark, protuberant veins.


Has no eyes but sees via unnatural means.


Head was severed at one time and crudely stitched back on.


Unwholesome odor either of sickly sweet incense and decay, or of pungent chemicals.


Thief Traits


Bears the facial brand of a criminal.


Carries a lot of daggers and throwing knives.


Carries a small pistol in a concealed holster.


Expert con artist.


Skilled forger.


Can accurately estimate the value of items.


Does a lot of intoxicants.


Always conceals identity via mask, cowl or the like and uses a title in lie of name.


Has a huge bounty on their head.


Has several lovers in high places.


Can always spot the best escape route, knows a million tricks to evade pursuit.


Will slink away from companions if the situation appears especially dire.


Knows how to conceal the signs of violence and effectively dispose of bodies.


Was subjected to a botched execution in the past and feigned death to escape.


Hates all authority figures.


Wears gaudy, cheap jewelry. Will try to claim flashy jewels.


Once was part of a legendary heist but only played a small role.


Always getting in trouble for the way they "look at people."


Acts in an obvious suspicious manner all the time.


Resents the mildest slights and will mutter about violent retribution afterwards.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

War Chimps, The Tower of the Changer, Talislanta Monsters, Destiers and The Wasplingier Guild

New official Planet Algol monster War Chimps! courtesy of Green Skeleton Gaming Guild!

Planet Algol related dungeon The Tower of the Changer! of The Metal Earth! Can you guess where the gates to Carcosa and Athanor are?

So a bunch of free, legitimate PDFs are up on the Talislanta Site. Including the Monster Books, and although one could ad-lib the D&D stats from the Talislanta stats, you can also easily eyeball/convert D&D stats from the 3rd edition statblocks in this version!

So this means that there's a boat-load of great, free, weird D&D monsters from a classic weird fantasy setting available for all of our crazy weird science planet fantasy campaigns!


At first glance those that utilize a Destier could easily be mistaken for a centaur with the equine portion of their anatomy clad in advanced, heavy, articulated plate armor. Closer examination would reveal that the horse part of the body is actually robotic, which may lead one to the misapprehension that they are observing some variety of cyborg.

In actuality the quadrupedal robot section is a specialized mode of conveyance, consisting of a heavily armored mechanism in the form of a heavy war horse, but instead of there being a neck or head there is instead a cavity designed to accommodate the legs and below-waist body of a human-like being. The legs of the user operate as a set of waldoes that maneuver the legs of the Destier, allowing one to, with sufficient practice, "drive" the Destier about as if it were a mount.

Destiers have the capabilities of a heavy war mount, with the speed and agility of a light mount, and are powered by Radiation Crystals. They are a creation of the Ancients, and are quite rare, with all known examples being valued heirlooms of certain Armiger houses (especially those of the highest standings). Such Armigers use their Destiers in important battles, usually to devastating effect.

The Wasplingier Guild

A mercenary guild of extreme specialization, the Wasplingiers breed a cornucopia of especially venomous and aggressive wasps (with rare eccentrics instead utilizing bees!). From these wasps they extract and refine certain pheromones.

Wasplingiers are distinct by their unusual weapon, the Wasp Rifle. This gun has a long, thin barrel and the stock consists of a brass air chamber, with an attached pump, and there is also an under-barrel device that consists of a pointed, finned canister mounted on a heavy, compressed spring.

The air rifle is used to fire a small pellet, which is breech loaded, that contains concentrated wasp attack pheromones. The under-barrel aerodynamic canister is than launched, propelled by the heavy spring, and shatters upon impact with any moderately firm surface releasing it's tightly packed payload of especially venomous wasps, which have been conditioned to attack those bearing the attack pheromones.

Wasplingiers have also been known to utilize catapults to launch missiles containing pheromones, wasps, or both. There are rumors that their guild also the knowledge to manufacture a compound that will, if introduced into water or food, "mark" the consumer of such water or food with wasp attack pheromones.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tothet and Zaixul

Tothet - Custodian of the Celestial Vault
Depicted as a column of silvery light with a single fiery eye; in Lawful theology Tothet is credited with casting the Great Old Ones out of the physical universe and into the Outer Dark at the dawn of time. Tothet embodies the rational universe; it's physical laws; and it's structural integrity and is the patron of astronomers and physicists. Tothet is symbolized by a blazing, burning sword.

Zaixul - Whisperer of Cunning, Treachery and Upheaval
The patron of plots and traitors, Zaixul works to destroy legitimate authority and civilization. Legends speak of it tearing down Lawful societies by inducing multiple complex, craven betrayals; eventually inducing violent, chaotic upheavals that devolve cultures into nihlistic, destructive mockeries of their former civilization. Zaixul is depicted as lurking in the shadows, a dusty, thin indistinct figure shrouded in gauzy grey tatters.

Index of Freely Available Planet Algol Campaign Resources

A (somewhat) Master Index of Resources and Relevant Topics, both "Official" and "Unofficial," compiled and organized for usage in your own campaigns.....Game On!

Design Goals, Multiple Interpretations & "Appendix N"

Player Resources

Suggested Campaign Houserules
Weapon Ability Score Requirements
"Unofficial" Character Sheets
Character Survival Guide

The Planet, it's satellites and suns
Planets and like bodies of Algol's solar system

Races of Algol Men
200 Algol Man Names
Technological Levels of Algol Men
Social Structure of Algol Men
Language - Algol Common
Some conventional military forces and technologies

The Lords of Light
The Major Lords of Light - Eishar, Eitor, Kyoth and Mordak
The Lords of Change
Gyugoolagutha the Slime Goddess
Zamazthu and Ziomar the Twin Sisters of Burning Blood
The Secret God of Atheists

The Ancients, Earth Men and the Elder Races
The Elder Races
Civilizations of the Ancients - The Flesh-Weavers, The Lords of the Crystal Spires & The Necroveults
Civilizations of the Ancients - The Militarists & The Sky-Kinds
Earth Man Origin Table I
Earth Man Origin Table II

Map of the Iridium Plateau Region
Geographic features
Settlements, strongholds and ruins
The Tenement Canyon of Agog City

Classes & Races
Mind Wizard

Referee Resources

Aritfacts, Items & Relics (yeesh...)
Energy Weapons and Firearms vs. Armor
Magic and Technological Items
Artifact Swords
Blue Radiance of Erysh
Ceramic Knife
Flexfield Generator Belt
George's Lucky Green Twenty-Sider
Irrationalist Frequencies
Neural Disruptor
Phasic Weapons
Psychotic Shards of the Crystal Ship
Radiation Crystal
Scroll of Summoning Aspect of Kurt Russel
Sky Vessels - Ornithopters, Sky Chariots, Skyships and Contragravity Barges
Some conventional military technologies
The Stellar Luminous Tablet
The Tales of Leiku the Scoundrel
The Three Loathsome Tomes of Kral-Ugott
Viridian Fungus of Yoth
Random Foodstuffs
Random Substance Properties
Scavenged Tech

Sentient Races of Planet Algol
Flaming Telepath
Maggot People
Pack Scarab
Robot Monsters from Fomalhaut
Serpent Leopard
War Chimps
Wasteland Mutant

Encounter & Random Tables
Bornite Mountains, Forbidden Mist Valley and Glow Stain
Lands of Purple Grass
Food Poisoning
Urban Action Mayhem Chase Tables

Bandits, Cultists, Raiders, Savages and Zealots
Example NPCs - Prung Vorka, Kathudi, Hazarash, Yurud and Drekken
Adzhir of Adomaz
Dilvashti the Carrion Sculptor
The Loresmiths of Kharhem
The Transmaniacon
Vincent Blackshadow, Magefinder
NPC Generation
NPC Traits
100 Random NPC Encounters
20 Random Earth Men Encounters
100 Adventure Plots

Map of the Iridium Plateau Region
Geographic features
Settlements, strongholds and ruins
Individual Hexes of the Iridium Plateau Region
The Android Vaults
The Black Ziggurat
The Blacket Tesserziggurat
The Silver Hawk
The Tenement Canyon of Agog City
The Tower of the Changer
The Regions Surrounding the Iridium Plateau
The Demon Wastes I
The Demon Wastes II
The Verdant Lands of Skla
The Western Badlands
The Sandbox as Megadungeon