Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Pluton Zone] The Rajash

Most inhabitants of the Pluton Zone would never have cause to encounter one of the Rajash in their lifespan; those that do almost always meet one of the Rajash serving as one of the Myrmidons of the Dominion of Greater Kras, elite commandos and guards that have served the nobles of House Jayaan for uncounted centuries. One of the clans of House Jayaan, Jayaan-Kherit, is actually composed of Rajash (the result of a series of tumultuous coups and juntas several hundred years ago) and the Baron of Kras, Taiphur Jayaan-Kherit, is Rajash. The signature weapon of the Rajash, and by extension the Myrmidons, is a bronze-handled falcatta, which serves as a weapon, survival tool and a symbol of the Rajash culture.

The Rajash have a warrior culture, they are reputed to be fearless and to always honour vows; little is known of their ways as they will not speak of it with non-Rajash, and their origon and homeworld are unknown.

The Rajash appear to be exceptionally tall, slender, brown skinned and black haired human males; they usually possess a wiry musculature and fine features. In actuality they are a hermaphroditic transhuman species (possessing both sets of generative organs) capable of fertilizing or being fertlizied by other Rajash with all of the attendant implications. All Rajash have two names (with attendant identities), their Warrior name and their Mother name. Usually a Rajash will use their Warrior name, but while pregnant or raising young the Rajash will use their Mother name and live a completely different lifestyle than that of a Warrior.


  1. Incredible. The Pluton Zone sounds like a lot of fun. What weird beings are out there?

  2. Thanks; I most definately assure you that I wasn't the least bit inspired by her nibs' watching of "RuPauls Drag Race" :)

    I figure most of the weirdos are post/trans-humans.

  3. Also the giant slug-people and uplifted swine...

  4. "Also the giant slug-people..."

    What is it about gastropods these days? They're showing up everywhere.

  5. @C'nor: They're slow, but persistent...