Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Magic Sword, Mercenary and Specialist Hireling Tables


Magic Swords d10
1. Lifecutter: +1 short sword, +1 initiative and armor class.
2. Frenzy: +2 bastard sword, +2 initiative and -1 armor class.
3. Gravehammer: +2 two-handed sword, drains 1 life level on a 20.
5. Amputator: +2 falchion, severs random extremity on a 20.
6. Poison Needle: +1 rapier, slays target on a 20 but also inflicts 1-6 points +1 point per level or hit dice of the target of damage to the wielder in such instances.
7. The Elephant Razor: +1 long sword, +2 to hit, +2 armor class, and 2-16+2 damage against larger-than-man-sized targets.
8. Breeze: +2 scimitar, wielder can leap 10' and takes half damage from falls.
9. Gorging Hound: long sword, +1 on to hit rolls and +1-4 damage.
10. Prismthorn: +1 shortsword, +2 on saves versus spells and magic items, on a successful save 50% chance of reflecting spells back upon the caster.

Mercenaries d20
1. Abromogdan the Serpent: lawful, 2 hp, very tall, forked tongue, lisps. Bull-headed mace, 6 javelins, plate mail, large rectangular demon-faced shield.
2. Balish Moaz: neutral, 6 hp, deep voice, missing fingers on left hand, greying beard. Battle axe, hand axe, short bow, rusty chain mail.
3. Domodon the Axe: neutral, 7 hp, fat, eschews pants in lie of a stained leather loinclout. Scimitar, spear, short bow, studded leather armor, small round shield.
4. Embrag Vril: chaotic, 4 hp, somewhat childlike, dances when happy, giant wolf tatto on chest. Mace, long sword, light crossbow, brass-plated banded mail, large round shield.
5. Falash Ashang: neutral, 3 hp, very long nose, greasy hair, amateur scholar. Spear, war hammer, sling, leather armor.
6. Herfaling Irax: chaotic, 6 hp, stuttering, balding, peeping tom. Broad sword, club, furs and chain mail, kite shield.
7. Jobo Mash: chaotic, 4 hp, short, prone to spouting impromptu verse, very talkative. Halberd, short sword, light crossbow, plate mail.
8. Kroak Ilking: lawful, 4 hp, excitable, waxed mustache, wears gaudy gold chains. Spear, shortsword, long bow, chain mail.
9. Lashtur Gond: chaotic, 4 hp, proud of never lying, lucky at gambling, exotic sexy accent. War hammer, spear, plate mail, large rectangular shield.
10. Oplinth Shen: neutral, 2 hp, incredibly handsome, obsessed with seafood, really wants a fancy dagger with a ruby pommel. Long sword, short bow, studded leather armor, buckler.
11. Promdalia Droarkang: neutral, 2 hp, lavishes attention upon his long oiled beard, laughter is booming, has a pet owl. Heavy flail, hand axe, chain mail.
12. Quizitch Walsht: neutral, 1 hp. Wears a monocle, beloved by animals, is convinced he will die soon. Long sword, flail, plate mail, shield.
13. Rom Keth: lawful, 1 hp, farts constantly, shaves head, carries a set of hand drums. Battle axe, spear, short sword, chain mail.
14. Surku Broag: neutral, 4 hp, wears an eyepatch and a doo rag, loves spicy food. Battle axe, war hammer, heavy crossbow, plate hail.
15. Tintur Kamelan: chaotic, 6 hp, unshaven antisocial alcoholic loner. Morningstar, short sword, light crossbow, plate mail, small battered wooden shield.
16. Ubt Ubtar: neutral, 4 hp, jolly, wears a fur hat, spits a lot, long sword, short bow, plate mail, large round shield.
17. Veykag Omeleg: neutral, 2 hp, middle-aged retired sailor, missing many teeth. ip, Harpoon, whip, short sword, studded leather armor.
18. Weshly the Grey: lawful, 4 hp, brooding teenager, grey haired. Fussart, 6 chakrams, chain mail.
19. Yalib Loamur: neutral, 8 hp, wears a large gold hoop earring and gaudy red silk pantaloons, wants to someday own an elephant. Spear, sling, studded leather armor.
20. Zaphalian Krunt: lawful, 3 hp, is always a perfect gentleman, can imitate any bird call, has a robotic leg. Hercules club, long sword, light crossbow, plate mail.

Specialist Hirelings d20
1. Boraz the Alchemist: neutral, 4 hp, constantly strutting and whistling.
2. Choak the Bearer: neutral, 6 hp, wears a jaunty cap, love skipping stones across water.
3. Forbu the Mule and Camel Wrangler: chaotic, 6 hp, once narrowly escaped being devoured by a swarm of lobsters, mother was a famous opera singer.
4. Hibble the Jester: chaotic, 1 hp, shaggy disheveled hair, is burdened by an unremovable cursed iron collar put on him by a witch.
5. Kantang the Snake Charmer: neutral, 5 hp, bad skin, wears patched hose.
6. Kingtu the Cook: chaotic, 2 hp, wears a ratty tunic and a wide brass studded leather belt, calls everyone champ.
7. Leshari the Linguist: neutral, 6 hp, champion shuttlecock player, always talking about wine.
8. Malboarth the Diver: lawful, 2 hp, considers himself to be a ladies’ man, isn’t.
9. Mustod the Engineer: chaotic, 4 hp, brash, talks loudly.
10. Narat the Champion Rider: neutral, 3 hp, winks to punctuate statements, unnecessarily sly.
11. Rangu the Quack: neutral, 1 hp, cracks knuckles, burps, pot belly.
12. Shemharad the "King" (insane): neutral, 3 hp, wears dirty robes of state and a dented tin crown, hook for a hand, waxed mustache, loves practical jokes.
13. Silvomar the Gypsy: chaotic, 5 hp, has a huge hooked nose, wears a fur vest.
14. Tunk the Hound Master: neutral, 1 hp, mumbles constantly making communication difficulty, flies into rages.
15. Ushtu the Labourer and Acupuncturist: lawful, 3 hp, makes inappropriate lewd quips, completely trustworthy.
16. Vortu the Forensicist: neutral, 6 hp, chews tobacco, has a pet pack pony “Cyril.”
17. Wort the Falconer: neutral, 1 hp, carries a gaudy ebony and ivory cane, prone to humming.
18. Wuxuan the Physician: chaotic, 1 hp, has huge feet, oversensitive about the subject, is always stubbing toes.
19. Xsargot the Venom Master: chaotic, 3 hp, tattoo of a snake on face, wears a kilt, has a goofy slobbering dog.
20. Yot the Torchbearer: neutral, 3 hp, wears all black, smokes aromatic blossoms in a pipe, is a pretentious poet.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Written by Albert of Underworld Kingdom and Terminal Space; $3.50 32-page PDF from lulu.

Random tables for games in abominably ancient weird fantasy cities, it brings to my mind Vornheim; China Mieville; Arduin; CSIO; and supernatural Slavonic sardonicism.

It's only shortcoming is that it is not longer! I haven't posted any links due to writing this on my phone.