Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Jewel Throne Artwork Preview

By secret surprise mystery very genre-appropriate artist...


  1. Innaresting. Is there a release date on the fanzine?

  2. (Which would be a good thing, obviously.)

  3. Very Kirbyesque! Very awesome.

  4. Okay..I admit it...I dug up and reanimated Kirby and enslaved his ambulatory corpse in order to produce Jewel Throne artwork ;P

    @ Melan: Not yet, I'm still waiting on a couple of pieces artwork from the Awesome, Generous, Talented Contributors AND I need to set up some transparent, respectable/reliable way to sell the zine and have the funds go to Doctors Without Borders.

    @ kelvin: I don't believe that I have directly expressed my admiration for your zany artwork to you yet; it's AWESOME!

    @ Needles: Also, your Blog! Holy Crap!