Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Quote In Honor of the Day...

  "...when you launch from Kennedy, the first thing you see is the British Isles and then there's this thing that looks like an island that's not an island - it's the continent of Africa."
  "I looked down and there were no lines drawn on the ground down there. I couldn't find the countries. It was all one land. That's when I cried."
- Astronaut Major General Charles Bolden Jr. (retired)

JOESKY Tax: d6 Space Madness Table
1 - Wants to go swimming in sapce; will strip and attempt to exit through the airlock.
2 - Has a spiritual experience and goes completely new-age wild; starts wearing crystals and doing energy healing.
3 - Thinks they can hear God speaking to them through the crackle of background radiation.
4 - Sees a hyperspace gremlin through a porthole; believes it is sabotaging the vessel.
5 - Belives that one of their companions has been replaced by a shapechanging alien and must be stopped.
6 - Belives that a companion has sabotaged or will sabotage their spaceship.


  1. Sounds similar to Sea Madness, or as it is sometimes referred to, the Wet Willies.

  2. Reminds me to Event Horizon. Madness in Space is simply an epic horror story. Like it! :)

  3. More interesting than a similar table in Spelljammer, though it ought to be a d12 :)

  4. Space madness???


  5. No love for SPACE HERO Major General Charles Bolden Jr.? :(

    Thanks; I'll try an expand this for further use in my Space Game.

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