Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ideas Percolating for the Next Pluton Zone Game

Upon the xenophobic, outcast inhabited desert world of Dresh:
- an equatorial "sand current"
- sand surfers
- sand whales and whalers (oil, meat, ivory and baleen)
- sand wagons
- douchebag recreational man-hunters from Mohabat that shoot folks from air cars
- psychedelic desert cacti smuggling
- the space port palace of smuggler and crime lord "Iubbu the Slug" a giant slug man crime lord and smuggler with his retinue of uplifted swine guards and his pet giant tyranno-ape; he trades surface to air missiles and the like for local goods/cacti


  1. Isn't it "Pluton" not "Pluto"? (Not that a sci-fi game based on the Greek underworld wouldn't be awesome...)

  2. Put those sand-wagons on runners and have 'em be sand-sleds! ;)

  3. I'm really into the idea of these large, shallow tray-like wagons with huge oversize wheels bouncing and tottering across the dunes!

    They would use the sand sleds at the desert planet's north pole...

  4. Would the inhabitants have 100 different words for sand? Would their be dire warnings about these? "Aye, when the sands be plinthic, tis wise to keep a sharp eye for sandwallows"

    I need to add some more douchebags to my campaign. Things have been way too reasonable in town.

  5. You need phasic creatures that can only manifest as/in rock and sand particles; like "The Fog" but with sandstorms.

  6. @ Pat: I'm a big fan of NPC douchebags! The Squire and Paladin were actually pre-loaded as douchebags by Raggi however.

    @ huth: Sand Banshees!

  7. Phasic Banshees! Cool. Very nice rift off of Dune & Return of the Jedi!

  8. Sand Ships - you know, like in the Martian Chronicles miniseries!

    Which, I must confess, was part of the inspiration for the Uruak (S&W Monster Book, page 102) of my last desert-based campaign...