Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dungeons and Douchebags SPAAACCEEE

So for last Sunday's initial Pluton Zone game I adapted the most Vancian adventure I could find, Raggi's "No Dignity in Death."

I ended up using only the first act before the players made warp, and that act featured several important NPCs including the douche squire of a douche knight.

In an interesting case on "unintentional Rients Internet TPG telepathy" I emulated his latest surfeit of lampreys game by modeling the squire after actor Christian Slater, who always seems to play douche bags.

It didn't take very long before the players were muttering things like "God I hate that Christian Slater guy!" and "I'm totally going to kill that squire before we leave this planet!"

Mission accomplished! However, when the session reached it's outrageous climax the squire was stricken with Space Madness and became a drooling maniac; in the ensuing melee he wad forgotten and it wasn't until we reached the loot phase that we realized that he was still alive! "in his madness he ran into the mountains," and thusly outrageous douchebag and OTT dick head space Christian Slater survived infuriating the part... At least for now; I think I have an awesome potential recurring villain candidate here...


  1. Did you actually say "dude looks like Christian Slater when describing him, or do you just do that good of a Christian Slater impersonation?

  2. Haha, my impersonation of Christian Slater could charitably be described as "bizarre" or "Christian Slater? I though you were impersonating someone having a stroke!"

    It was more like "Theres a guy in shiny silver space armor. he's short, blond, has a smarmy, smug expression and looks and talks just like Christian Slater"