Monday, April 18, 2011

[Lester/B. Portly] Transmission From The Pluton Zone!

*ZZZT* Transmission From The Pluton Zone *ZZZT*

*ZZZT* The log of Drax Corlu, Astronaut…

I grew up on Worx, as a "gutter casteman". On this lawless and corrupt world I took the only job I could find: smuggler. I specialized in deep space missions in one man space capsules loaded with contraband goods. My piloting and navigation skills were uncanny: indeed, I could travel by my knowledge of astronomy alone! But the exposure to the unknown radiations of hyperspace forever warped my mind, and many months in space left my body weak, and atrophied. Great sad lines formed on my face and my pallor became grey and my very psyche was thrown into a torpor. I was forever marked for my excursion into fourth dimensional space! Yet, fantastic revelations and powers were conferred to me from the vastness of the very cosmos…

Yet, I search for the one thing in this universe that is forever lost... *ZZZT*


  1. Uh are you using my Humanspace Empires character sheet? That's awesome!! As is the mind twisted Solo background :D

  2. Thanks guys!

    @ Il Male: Of course we are buddy! :) Thanks for making them!