Saturday, April 16, 2011

Improved Pluton Zone Map

On my previous attempt I forgot to include the colors of some suns as well as some binary and trinary systems (I have a less hideous way to represent binaries and trinaries, but Hexographer is being buggy). Oh, and I used Hexographer to make did.

I have a black and white version that I prefer aesthetically, however instantly seeing the star colors is useful in play.

The dotted red lines indicate multi-system "Dominions" held by especially powerful System Lords/Houses.

To the "south" of the map are the more civilized/normal regions of Human space, where things change from Humanspace Empires to Stars Without Number. To the "north" of the map is howling space wilderness and barbarity, the Terminal Space region.

Also, the hex numbers are bunged up on this version. Oops...


  1. Any black holes, with orbiting planets illuminated by the Hawking radiation and particle jets?

  2. There weren't any in any of the random generators I used, although the solar system of my Algol campaign has an exotic black hole..

  3. Thats a great map. Makes me wanna play something like that now.

  4. Thanks; that is the most gratifying feedback I could imagine... go for it!!

  5. I really like how you've designated the edges of the map as the borders where one book crosses into another. I've been trying to make myself happy with an amalgamation of those three games, but its so much smarter to handle them as specific regions of Spaaaaaace.


    Word Verification: Qique. Sweet name for a vacation planet.

  6. Currently it's just a dainty abstract concept; we'll just see how well that works in play once the players start making a ruckus.