Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hyperspace Monster Encounters

In rare reaches of the galaxy hyperspace is subject to a myriad of vibrations, refractions, radiations, inclusions and interferences; in some if these areas there is a chance that a ship making a hyperspace jump will experience the materialization of something near or within the vessel.

1 - Githyanki (Fiend Folio)
2 - Grell (Fiend Folio)
3 - Coeurl (Booty And The Beasts)
4 - Silver Spider (Arduin III)
5 - Xill (Fiend Folio)
6 - Mind Flayer (Monster Manual)
7 - Elder Thing/Primordial One (Deities & Demigods, Carcosa, Realms of Crawling Chaos)
8 - Sorcerer (NPC)
9 - Mi-go (Deities & Demigods, Carcosa, Realms of Crawling Chaos)
10 - Colour out of Space (Realms of Crawling Chaos)
11 - Type d6 Demon (Monster Manual)
12 - Lifeforce Vampire
13 - Ghost Ship (75% chance of undead)
14 - Rakshasa (Monster Manual)
15 - Shambleau (Ix)
16 - Dimensional Shambler (Realms of Crawling Chaos)
17 - Hound of Tindalos (Realms of Crawling Chaos)
18 - Doppleganger (Monster Manual)
19 - Hideous Space Beast (Ix)
20 - Slaad (Fiend Folio)
21 - Hyperspace Planetoid (consult appropriate matrix)
22 - Ancient Alien Construction (consult appropriate matrix)
23 - Wormhole/Dimensional Rift/Pocket Dimension (consult appropriate matrix)
24 - Beholder (Monster Manual)
25 - Gorbel (Fiend Folio)
26 - Flumph (Fiend Folio)
27 - Time Storm (consult appropriate matrix)
28 - Maggot Farmer (Swords & Dorkery)
29 - Hyperspace Pirate (Men, Pirate)
30 - Space Aliens (Carcosa)


  1. Martha, another flumph! Try to watch where you're steering! Billy, go get the hose!

  2. I think you should change Maggot Farmer to Farmer Maggot.

    Seriously though, this is amazing and you are a genius. I tip my hat to you sir.

  3. Oh, and an ancient alien construction manifesting inside the ship would not be good.

  4. A Shambleau? Are you sure? Oh poop. That's seriously going to make things...complicated...won't it, Southeast Jones? Hey! Where'd he go? Oh poop. Not again...

  5. Hmmm...this table might be a good one to refer to for the four external Hypercrystalline Hexamids on the outer equatorial region of a Worldboat...especially if one drifted into Algol-space...

  6. Hound of Tindalos - nice! But no Galactus! You could possibly have pockets of space with high fluctuation areas where 1d6 of these monsters appear. Also, perhaps the environments of their native planets materialise onto the ship too, so you could open the door to the generator room and find it to be a jungle.

    Scott M


  7. Howabout "Ego the Living Planet" from Thor comics!

    I assume Couril = Coeurl (D&D displacer beast)?

  8. Thanks guys :)

    @ Evan: But what if it was just a crystal or an orb appearing inside the ship? Oh wait...that never ends well...

    @ Netherwerks: Worldboat! Holy crap! Now that's one hell of an Ancient Alien Construction!

    @ Scott: I actually thought of Galactus when I made this! :D Regarding the quantity of hyperspace monsters encountered, see the relevant N.App: statistic in the monster reference for the die (if any) to roll.

    The jungle in the engine room is an awesome idea! I think it would be a subcategory of #23?

    @B. Portly: I don't know that fellow, but I think it could be a potential "hyperspace planetoid" result? Thanks for catching my typo & fixed :) There's a couple of OD&D Coeurl stats floating about, but the BATB version was the only one I could remember/find. Phosphorus vampire!

  9. This can only end in awesome. Thanks for this. Stolen, thanks man.

  10. Booty and the Beasts has the definitive Coeurl! TSR stole that shit twice!!!

    Ego the Living Planet was an actual sentient planet. I remember an old Fantastic Four comic where they land on Ego in their space ship and have to fight of weird hexagon headed man-like natives. Later Reed Richards, being the big brain he is, realized that they were slugging it out with some anthropomorphic antibodies that lived on Ego's scalp! Here's a couple of pics of the awesome that is Ego the Living Planet:

    http://tinyurl.com/3sjlsyu AND http://tinyurl.com/3vlo982

  11. I remember Ego from Rom comics. He's not much of an encounter, though. More like the whole dungeon!