Friday, January 25, 2013

The Warlord (Fighter Subclass)

Requirements: Intelligence and Charisma 13+, Strength 9+; a Warlord with 15+ in all three scores gains a +10% bonus to all earned experience points.
Experience Points, Hit Points, Combat and Saving Throws: As a Cleric.
Weapon and Armor Restrictions: None.

Special Abilities:

All special abilities require the Warlord speaking or shouting, and for the affected party to be with 60 feet of the Warlord; to have an Intelligence of 3+; and to be able to clearly understand the Warlord's communications. A Warlord is unable to use any of their special abilities if they are stunned, unconscious, paralyzed, or otherwise unable to clearly communicate with the subject(s).

Diplomacy & Leadership: +1(2d6)/+10% on all Reaction, Loyalty, Morale and similar checks.

Inspiring Word: Twice per melee/encounter, but only once per round, an ally gains 1d6 temporary hit points for the duration of the melee/encounter. The amount of temporary hit points gained can not exceed the different between the subject's current and maximum hit points. At 11th level the Warlord can use Inspiring Word 3 times per melee.

Auras: A Warlord of second or higher level is able to project an aura that affects themselves and all allies within range.  Only one aura can affect a subject at a time. As the Warlord gains levels the effect of the auras increase.

Level - Auras Known/Bonus
1 - 0/0
2 - 1/+1
3 - 1/+1
4 - 1/+1
5 - 2/+1
6 - 2/+1
7 - 2/+2
8 - 2/+2
9 - 3/+2
10 - 3/+2
11 - 3/+2
12 - 3/+2
13 - 3/+2
14 - 4/+3
15 - 4/+3
16 - 4/+3
17 - 4/+3
18 - 4/+3
19 - 4/+3
20 - 5/+4


Motivate Ardor : The ally gains the bonus to all weapon and unrmed damage rolls.
Motivate Attack: The ally gains the bonus to all melee attack rolls.
Motivate Care: The ally gains the bonus to armor class.
Resilient Troops: The ally gains the bonus to all saving throws.
Steady Hand: The ally gains the bonus to all ranged attacks.

Grand Urgency: Starting at fourth level, once per day, the Warlord can grant, to any or all allies within range, an additional move of up to half their normal movement rate. A subject can only be effected by one Grant Urgency per round. As the Warlord gains levels they are able to Grant Urgency multiple times per day as follows:

Level - Grant Urgency/per Day
1 - 0
2 - 0
3 - 0
4 - 1
5 - 1
6 - 1
7 - 1
8 - 2
9 - 2
10 - 2
11 - 2
12 - 3
13 - 3
14 - 3
15 - 3
16 - 4
17 - 4
18 - 4
19 - 4
20 - 4


Saturday, January 19, 2013

How Would You Do a Bloodsport-style Scenario in Oldschool D&D?

I just watched Bloodsport, and I enjoyed it so much I want to do a Bloodsport-inspired scenario.

This is actually something that could be pretty cool under the Flailsnails paradigm.

Here's my current thoughts

- Is it going to be more like Mortal Combat, with the supernatural aspects of D&D, or a "Martial Class Only", no spells, no magic items, sort of thing?

- This screams for some sort of combat maneuver system. Ideally I'd cherry pick from a bunch of simple options and format/present them as a quick cheat sheet.

- Would NPC antagonists have abilities that PC don't have access to? i.e. a sumo wrestler with special fat-belly attack abilities?

- Armor or no armor?

- Bloodsport soundtrack music would be a must. KUMITE! KUMITE! KUMITE!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trans-edition Oldschool Conversion: Serpent Anathema

Armor Class: 0
Move: 150' (50'), climb 90' (30'), swim 90' (30')
Hit Dice: 22
Attacks: Claws for 1-8/1-8 or giant scimitar for 2-16, plus bite for 1-10+poison
Special: Poison; constrict 1-8; +3 or better magic weapons to hit; regenerate 3 hit points per round; spells; 60% magic resistance; speak with any snake or snake-like monster; become a swarm of poisonous snakes at will
Intelligence: Godlike
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Size: Huge
Spells: 3/day - cause fear, darkness, detect poison, entangle, haste, neutralize poison, polymorph other, snake charm, sticks to snakes, suggestion
Serpent Anathema are worshipped as avatars of their loathsome gods by serpentine races such as Inphidians and Ophidians. They resemble a gigantic snake 20-30 feet long, with a humanoid torso and arms, and possessing a mass of six long-necked snakes instead of a head. An opponent bitten by a Serpent Anathema must save versus poison or die; those that survive will be constricted by one of the snake heads for 1-8 points of damage per round. As long as all six heads are not constricting victims the Serpent Anathema can continue to make bite attacks.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ape, Giant Carnivorous & Post Your Oldschool Conversions

Armor Class: 6
Move: 150 (50), climb 150' (50)
Hit Dice: 10
Attacks: 1-10/1-10/3-18
Special: Hurl rock 100' for 2-24; grab and hurl
Intelligence: Low (upper)
Alignment: Neutral
Size: Huge

Grab and hurl: If a Giant Carnivorous Ape hits strikes a man-sized opponent with both hands they will be lifted up and hurled next round, as a rock, inflicting 3-18 points of damage to the target and the projectile.

I can't believe those guy's didn't think of that...

Post your conversions of post-oldschool D&D monsters!