Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dresh Cenobite Clan - The Unworthy Nocturnals

Headed by Patriarch Orben Osren, the Unworthy Nocturnals of Dresh theological interpretations deem mankind unworthy of the light of the suns. They dwell in subterranean complexes and deny themselves solar power; foodstuffs that require sunlight to propagate; they envelope themselves in robes that ensure no exposure to sunlight; and use modified active nightvision goggles to see while in the surface world, denying themselves even the use of starlight or sunlight reflected off a moon to see.

The Unworthy Nocturnals are also one of the Theocratic Blocs of Mohabat; the clan on Dresh were expelled from Mohabat for the heresy of allowing the usage of nutritional supplements to alleviate health problems occasioned by the complete lack of exposure to sunlight; rumors speak of rare cannibalistic mutations occurring among the Unworthy Nocturnals of Mohabat resulting from this long-term inter-generational nutritional deficiency.

Somehow the Unworthy Nocturnals of Dresh are one of the major players in the trade of the psychedelic desert cactus of Dresh, among the goods they trade the cacti for are the aforementioned dietary supplements and nightvision technology.

Patriarch Orben Osren is married, in a diplomatic union, to Tythanua Thraul, Matriarch of the Dresh Cenobite Clan "Uttermost Chastity," and the two clans are vague allies.


  1. Yuck, the Mohabat sect must be some disgusting pigs. As far as i know this would cause severe birth defects as early as the first generation without the supplements. And hopefully that sham marriage is an open one.

  2. Right on, what kind of birth defects? I kinda free associated sunlight deficiency into evolving into morlocks...

    Open marriage? Most of these cats are super-crazy serious types, so that's unlikely ;)

  3. Probably nothing as interesting as morlockism unfortunately

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