Friday, February 26, 2010

Live by the Random Table...Die by the Random Table

Before the last Planet Algol session I had come up with majority of my Random NPC and Random Plot tables (much of which was written while waiting for some of the tardier players to show up...).

Being a lover of Random Tables, of course I had to utilize them in that session. So I roll on the random plot table to see what new adventure hook would be dangled in the party's face when they roll into the big sword & sorcery city of Kharhem.

The result?
"A terrible howling storm of acid and radiation lashes the land driving all into shelters where they must contend with cannibalistic madness."
Yikes! Well, I couldn't sleep at night if I fudged. So yeah, the party had to take shelter in an inn while the entire city was lashed by acid rain and radioactivity...and than the cannibalistic madness set in.

I used generous saving throws. Some PCs (and NPCs) resisted the madness, others had to struggle with it, and some PCs tried to kill other PCs....and one of them did kill another PC and passed out after feasting on his flesh on the last day of the 5-day storm.

Oh, and before the cannibalistic madness started, one of the PCs died due to a unfortunate interaction with one of the random NPCs that was present in the inn.

Fortunately the party acquired on of those total-munchkin-cheese Empire of the Petal throne Eyes ("The Eye of Restoring Life") while fighting Tekumel monsters in the underworld, so the two deceased characters were brought back (after making their resurrection survival rolls of course!) when the madness ceased, but they lost two charges of the potent artifact as well as five days of harrowing terror and cannibalistic madness.

Meanwhile the city there were in, the city that I have probably spend hundreds of hours writing, mapping, revising and editing, has been seriously nuked by hard radiation, acidic precipitation and widespread cannibalistic madness. "I'm a bastard! I blew it all up!"

And you know what? No regrets. No remorse. Let the dice fall where they may.

And despite the character deaths, despite having to deal with their characters going mad with cannibalistic lust, despite being cooped up in an inn for five days. The players enjoyed it...those magnificent masochistic bastards, I love these guys!

The moral? I made a stupid-awesome gonzo random table. Rolled on it and followed through on the results, thereby putting the players and their characters through the fucking wringer. Even taking away (temporarily) their control over some of their characters.

And it all worked out in the end. Be true to your DM bad-assery. Follow through on your madness. Don't fudge the dice. Put the players through hell. If they're true, if they're tough, if they're the leather and iron that adventurers are made of, they'll eat it up and than say "That's all you got?"

EDIT: In the same spirit, when I rolled for treasure and the uber-useful character lifespan-extending Eye of Restoring Life came up ("Tekumel monsters have Tekumel treasure" logic), I didn't fudge the dice and let the players have it. It'll run out of charges...and than the reaper will feast, muhahahaha!

EDITx2: It was also very gratifying that when characters were contending with cannibalistic madness I used the old cartoon cliche of saying that the other party members looked like a roast chicken to them...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter 16, Part 1 "Certain Essential Salts"

The Adventurers:
Buzz Brazelhach - Womanizing Australian Fightin' Bloke
Corporal Radar O'Reiley - Naive Earth Boy Rocket Soldier
Dickie Dee - Bone Man Sorcerer Junkie
Jedediah - 1850s Hayseed Southerner Fightin' Man
Jek-Mor - Creepy Hyperborean Sorcerer
Mookla - Reeking, Deformed (yet very intelligent!) Mutant of the Slime Lands
Rodan the Scrounger - Zermish Green Man Fighting Scavenger

And Introducing:

"Doctor Death" - Mutant Sorcerer

Part II Here.

...the majority of the Gnoles come dashing forward in a pincer maneuver to attack the party's flanks while the rest stand back and fire missiles at the adventurers. The small spherical ceramic bomb activated by Dickie Dee appears in the midst of the Gnole artillery and several mangy bodies are sent flying and broken. Between blade and a sleep spells the remainder of the Gnole raiders are swiftly dispatched.

The party finishes their journey to Jakay and rests in the Bronze Engine where they see an aristocratic looking Sorcerer in luxurious glyph-embroidered robes sitting by himself. Buzz Brazelhatch attempts to make conversation; the Sorcerer is haughty, condescending, rude and does not wish to have his time wasted by the Australian adventurer. Over supper they discuss their next move; having heard that the Baron of Canyx collects fine firearms and energy weapons they resolve to meet with said Baron.

The party also takes notice of a strange looking gaunt, veiled mutant with a mass of bristling cili for hair. It bears the implements of a Sorcerer and soon it has joined the group. This mutant calls itself "Doctor Death."

They set out on Ornith-back the next morning and soon are before the gates to Agog City where they see the same arrogant Sorcerer hectoring the guards at the gate. "My time is too important for you waste any more! Let me through post-haste!"

The party next travels to the Lamia's Breath Intoxicating Vapour lounge where Dickie Dee the jittery Bone Man Sorcerer and Jek-Mor the creepy pale Hyperborean Sorcerer buy a variety of intoxicants. Jek-Mor also purchases an ornate tarnished silver syringe in order to fully enjoy the several lumps of acrid, brown Dream-Gum he purchased.

Next they travel the relatively short (by Ornith) distance to the mining settlement of Canyx, built at the head of a canyon cutting through the southern Iridium Plateau and composed of pleasant tan and cream simple buidlings with lush foliage on the rooftops. The blue-skinned guards are clad in simple beige robes and synthetic weave armor, they bear firelances with flickering heads.

The party is questioned by the guards who request a donation to help with the maintenance of Canyxs' beautiful rooftop gardens. Buzz graciously offers to cover the rest of the party and gives the guards twenty gold pieces.

The guards laugh and mock Buzz for his meagre donation. They tell of how other visitors to the fair town of Canyx appreciated their fine gardens and paid gracious princely donations for the upkeep of said gardens.

The Earth Boy Rocket Soldier Radar O'Reiley offers a larger sum and the guards again laugh, although kindly, "Oh son, it is heart warming to see a child like you trying to help out with the contents of your coin-bank and we thank you although this is the sort of thing that grown-ups take care of with real grown-up money."

Finally Buzz gives the guards are substantially larger sum which the guards graciously accept and provide directions to the out-of-towner's hostel, The House of the Eighteen Columns.

Traveling through Canyx, which is constructed descending down the canyon on either side, teh party sees lush rooftop gardens, pleasant simple well-maintained sandcrete buildings, and happy, clean looking populace, mostly blue-skinned hairless Kherulhi folk, mostly clad in simple tan, beige and cream garments that match the buildings, and many of them are miners.

These miners are very different that the ones the party saw in Pit. They whistle or sing jaunty mining jigs. They are substantially cleaner. They bear smiles and none of the signs of intoxicant abuse.

They come across two happy workmen bearing a large sheet of strange glass and singing a song about carrying glass "Carrying the sunlight..carrying glass...for the for the baron's manor..." The party notices that in the shadows the glass is clear and that in the sunlight is goes dark and opaque. After questioning the good-natured labourers some of the party wonder if perhaps they should get some shields made from such glass which is apparently very hard to break and resolve to visit the Glasswights of Canyx.

They arrive at the House of the Eighteen Columns, surrounded by the eighteen columns. The proprietress is a no-nonsense puritan of an unattractive middle-aged woman. Unsurprisingly she reject's Buzz Brazelhach's advances.

The party goes out seeking carousing. They come across a clean, loud pub...The Cliff Cleaver, which is surrounded by and full of jolly well-scrubbed miners, mostly blue. The proprietress is an ancient wrinkled Zhaxxi woman crone with silver skin and gray hair. Buzz chides himself for considering her figure.

The party orders a round of gin...including the youth Radar O'Reiley who has previously refused any alcohol! Several large metal flagons of gin are placed on their table and all raise their beakers for a toast to the party before quaffing the liquor...which has a distinct flavour of urine!

As the party sputters and spits outraged demands for explanations are made of the proprietress who explains that the waste fluids of Canyx are processed by a Vat Guild facility. She buys certain essential salts lost in bodily functions from the facility and uses them to fortify the gin she sells for constitutional purposes.

The party is shocked and furious...aside from Rodan the Scrounger who has come across such practices in his scavengings and wanderings. While other discretely empty their beakers and pour gins from their own canteens into the containers (aside from Rodan who continues quaffing the gin of Canyx) Jek-Mor begins a loud, wheedling tirade about how terrrible Canyx is and hectors the shocked pub patrons at length before the party retires for the evening.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Technological Levels of Planet Algol

The Savage Level
Common to hunter-gatherers, troglodytes, primitives, savages and degenerates, The Savage Level is the equivalent to Earth's Stone Age with flint blades, hide armor, wicker shields, simple bows, piled stone architecture and the like at it's highest levels.

The Common Level
The level of technological sophistication common to humanity of Planet Algol, this covers the range from dark ages Europe to early Renaissance. Although capable of producing blackpowder weapons, for various reasons including the superiority of energy weapons, such primitive firearms have never caught on and are a rarity. Sophisticated abaci, printing presses, plate mail, clockwork mechanisms and the like represent the upper tiers of The Common Level of Technology

The Upper Level
Usually held by Technocrats, Oligarchs, Guilds or Aristocrats, The Upper Level of technology represents the scraps of surviving knowledge of the Ancients as well as trade or technological secrets held by assorted organizations. The more sophisticated of the Upper Level technicians are capable of limited repairs of Ancient and Earth Man technology and also can repurpose artifacts for modified use (transforming plasma welders into energy blades and the like). Upper Level technologies are used for medical purposes, to produced advanced materials, transform organic wastes into usable substances, to maintain surviving ancient technology and the like. The Vat Guild is one example of Upper Level technologies, the Ancient armor and modified energy weapons that define the Armiger class of warrior-aristocrats is another. Upper Level technology is uncommon, expensive and is usually tightly held by it's possessor. The Vat Guild are especially important as they transform sundry organic wastes into foodstuffs thereby freeing much of the populace from agricultural production (agriculture is especially difficult due to the hostile, alien landscape of Algol).

The Ancient Level
Lances of nuclear fire, flying cities and automations of the Ancients. Poorly understood and highly treasured by the men of Algol, many settlements are dependent upon surviving ancient technology such as water purifiers, advanced fortifications and the like. There are no known sources of new Ancient technology, although there are legends of surviving Ancient enclaves.

Friday, February 19, 2010

So What's Going On With The Planet Algol Booklet Anyways?

I know I let loose with a bunch of balloon juice a while back about the upcoming Planet Algol 1 The Iridium Plateau booklet and come mid-February 2010 and there's no word of sign of it. So what's going on?

I could pretty much publish this thing right now. But I'm holding back in order for it to be as awesome and useful as possible.

Several very talented artists have graciously contributed to this project and I honestly believe that the artwork as a whole will be varied and pleasing. Some of the artists have some ideas that they want to work on and I'm cool with holding off in order to accommodate these genteel artistes and furthermore present the best illustrated booklet I can.

On to utility. One of my design goals is to make this booklet be something I will use as a reference while running a Planet Algol game. This means including all of the funky house rules I use; all the reference information for the players in my game; the sorts of random tables that I use; encounter tables; and so forth. Stuff I need handy when running my game.

One thing that I want to do in order to enhance utility is to include several lairs/mini-dungeons. Although there are several hexcrawl sandbox settings and resources available I don't know of any that include a plethora of somewhat detailed dungeons, ruins, caves and the like. I believe that Necromancer Games Wilderlands box set was to include the like at one point?

So in conclusion, the Planet Algol booklet is coming out and will be coming out "soon" but in the meantime awesome artwork is being produced; I'm improving the hex descriptions; random tables are being compiled; and mini-dungeons are being imaginated. All in order for it to be as awesome and useful as I can make it without taking forever, although a large proportion of the awesome will be due to the great artists involved.

And it might include a detailed city with associated dungeon and mini-dungeons.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Earth Man and Algol Foodstuffs Tables

Random Earth Men d20
01- Naive British schoolchildren.
02- Ruthless military officer, secretly paranoid and xenophobic, may snap under pressure.
03- Homeless French-Canadian punk rocker (25% chance of dog, 50% chance of it being a pitbull) will be oblivious to the change in scenery and will be looking for "ze beer store."
04- Unflappable Victorian-era explorer.
05- Clueless reporter that believes he will get home soon with a "great story."
06- Old West prospector with amazing mule (1-3), dog (4-5) or bear (6).
07- Mongol warrior that is having a great time.
08- Very religious medieval knight that believes that he is in hell and that everyone are demons, constantly lamenting.
09- Science fiction author that is disgusted with being a genre cliche.
10- Criminal mastermind that lands on his feet and immediately beings laying the foundations of a new criminal empire.
11- Native American warrior, total badass that can make bows and canoes and the like.
12- All-American sports hero with a punchy nickname.
13- Brilliant engineer that can MacGuyver shit.
14- Child detective almost always right but has 50% chance of being insufferably smug.
15- African-American martial artists, 50% chance of being a stone fox.
16- Renaissance-era Renaissance man, 60% chance of being always condescending and 75% chance of being a fencing master.
17- Super hero cast to Algol by super villain.
18- Saucer Nazis!
19- Protagonist of a fish-out-of-water comedy, immune to serious harm but is always casuing convoluted complicated situations.
20- Exasperated cop, either action hero of dad-type that was about to retire.

Random Algol Foodstuffs d24
01- Algae wafers.
02- Preserved fungus.
03- Yeast cake.
04- Died grubs.
05- Live grubs.
06- Delicious effervescent nectar.
07- Lumpy gray paste.
08- Giant slug (or other oversize invertebrate) flesh.
09- Mucous soup.
10- Dinosaur meat in oversize cuts.
11- Large gelatinous invertebrate eggs.
12- Large reptile or avian eggs.
13- Entire amphibian.
14- Albino carp.
15- Metallic fruit.
16- Live culture.
17- Sausage containing wildly varying ingredients.
18- Composite of yeast, algae, dried grubs, etc.
19- Tubers.
20- Small cubes or spheres of intensely concentrated nutrition.
21- Giant arthropod limbs.
22- Entire dried reptile.
23- Dried primate.
24- Incredibly spicy, reroll.

Monday, February 15, 2010

100 NPC(s) Table

EDIT: I feel terrible that I forgot to credit Zak Smith's "Hidden Traits of NPCs..." table as being a major influence on this table. #99 is my favorite and I can think of some real life humans that could describe...

Why have a table with 20 NPCs when I could have 100 instead...

01- A psychic beast-tamer with a magic crystal scimitar.
02- A Lizardman gladiator and former slave that won it's freedom in a legendary competition hundreds of years ago.
03- Twin oracles, hairless in simple robes. One of the twins is blind.
04- Intoxicant addicted thief who will befriend and than murder travelers.
05- Brutal nomad warlord with a retinue of fanatic bodyguards.
06- Blind psychic warriors skilled in unarmed combat and deception.
07- Robed cultists who's garments conceal inhuman body parts.
08- Wandering trader with a robotic mount and a supply of Earth Man ammunition for sale.
09- Princess who lives a secret double life as a masked duelist.
10- Youthful sorcerer's apprentice who believes their master to be possessed or corrupt.
11- Grizzled master thief who seeks a worthy challenge.
12- Elderly scarred mercenary with a ruthless past who seeks redemption.
13- Cynical smuggler and bandit who secretly has a heart of gold.
14- Inscrutable alien being that claims to be on a mission for the benefit of humanity.
15- Band of youthful mercenaries eager to make a reputation.
16- Band of young Armigers with an internal struggle between the callous and the good-matured.
17- Experienced elderly slave-master that delights in performing tricks with his whip.
18- Master perfumer who is secretly a master poison brewer.
19- Puppeteer who secretly uses sorcery to animate his puppets for nefarious purposes.
20- Gregarious and likable necromancer.
21- Shapechanging advanced Shoggoth seeking pawns for it's unimaginable plans.
22- Disguised Mi-Go scientist seeking test subjects.
23- Mutant warlord that seeks the means to free his enslaved tribe.
24- Mercenary Guild Syndic seeking a new beginning.
25- Disguised Hierophant on a secret mission of a highly personal nature.
26- Hierarch on a secret mission who is being hounded by assassins.
27- Guild Syndic and entourage on a diplomatic mission.
28- World-weary caravan master who thinks he has seen it all.
29- Physician who desires to perform unwholesome experiments.
30- Vat Guilder behaving inscruitably.
31- Sentient telepathic beast.
32- Animate statue.
33- Gravely injured Armiger of an especially honorable nature who is on a convalescent sabbatical.
34- Conniving Oligarch with a soft spot for underdogs.
35- Fast-talking trader who knows far more than he lets on.
36- The diguised slumming scion of a powerful noble that is looking to get into trouble.
37- Intoxicated bravos with a chip on their shoulders.
38- Smug bravo that moves with a master fencer's grace.
39- Beast hunter seeking powerful weapons.
40- Blasphemous sorcerer seeking to translate moldy stone tablets.
41- The chieftain of a tribe of reclusive pygmies.
42- Experienced bravo who is a master knife thrower.
43- Oligarch Patriarch borne by slaves.
44- Arrogant sneering Baron that is actually a disguised vagabond.
45- Archaeologist and apprentices.
46- Scholar that poo-poo's danger and seeks material for a treatise.
47- Dashing noble haunted by terrible nightmares.
48- Elderly sage that was once highly respected but is now senile with occasional moments of lucidity.
49- Disguised alien being that can shoot death-rays from it's eyes.
50- Shaggy hominid of an unknown species that is incoherent but companionable.
51- Debonair foreign aristocrats with hooves instead of feet.
52- Savage barbarian mercenaries who despise black magic.
53- Eccentric wasteland scavenger with many wry tales.
54- Noblewoman that is actually a disguised member of a secret society of assassin-witches.
55- Rude freemen and his herd of beasts.
56- Caravan guard looking for a different sort of adventure.
57- Fawning sycophant that is actually an insane murderer.
58- Stuffy Oligarch Matriarch that secretly desires rugged adventurer types.
59- Jealous suitor that perceives one of the party to be a romantic rival.
60- Simple-minded youth that latches on to and attempts to follow the party.
61- Fencing master who is eager to take on the challenge of a hopeless pupil.
62- Nubile sorcereress with a hideous mount.
63- Brooding Armiger that is intolerant of nonhumans.
64- Wandering trader of pipes and hookahs that loves to gossip.
65- Desperate Hierarch who lost a sheaf of important documents.
66- Arrogant bureaucrat with powerful criminal connections.
67- Astrologer who seeks to climb mountains for a better view of the stars.
68- Potion mixer with an unsavory reputation.
69- Tomb robber that seeks to have a sinister parasite removed.
70- Earth Man adventurer who is being pursued by villains.
71- Retired Technocrat that loves to tinker.
72- Madman clad in filthy rags that claims to be an envoy of the Emerald Autarch.
73- Elderly Freewoman that can perform amazing feats of mind over matter.
74- A band of cautious youths on a mission for their clan.
75- Whimsical musician who plays on instruments crafted from human bone.
76- Mysterious taciturn gunslinger.
77- Spoiled noble heir that has deluded himself into believing that he has mental powers.
78- Elderly trader that claims that the tonics he sells have restorative and anti-radiation properties.
79- Three sword-maidens that appear to be furious.
80- Confused soldier with a bandaged head wound and a jeweled sword.
81- Jaded gladiator who murders for gold
82- Band of musicians one of whom is secretly a jewel thief.
83- Sorcerer possessed by multiple spirits who compel him to drink human blood.
84- Secret order of warriors and mystics defending an ancient relic.
85- Savages with women for sale.
86- Enchanter of luck-amulets prone to cutting insults.
87- Self-important master tactician and strategist.
88- Child possessed by a legendary sage's spirit, will know many uncanny facts.
89- Young man seeking vengeance against the sorcerer who slew his bride with magic.
90- Crippled son of a Baron, outcast due to his deformity.
91- Wandering bodiless spirit that seeks to drive men mad.
92- Casually cruel and vain armiger bravo.
93- Blind prophet who wanders the wastelands.
94- Likable rogue with dim-witted guards.
95- Rich merchant couple, husband unaware wife is actually a disguised Serpent-Man.
96- Dancing girl being hounded by a blackmailer.
97- Psychic Assassin who seeks to collect a massive fee for slaying a difficult target.
98- Baron seeking to overthrow the local rulers and seize their throne.
99- A master of disguise and deception.
100- Beautiful artist telepathically bonded to a savage warrior .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Standard Social Structure of Algol Humankind

Although this is by no means standard across the planet, the below describes a rough sketch of the usual structure of Algol's traditional Lawfully-aligned Human civilizations.

Slavery is endemic to Algol society and slaves are marked by their collar that combine the design of a gorget and neck rings in hardened metals.

Those without clan, guild or noble ties. Landless wanderers such as nomads and adventurers. Usually distrusted or even despised by settled men.

Extended families with hereditary ties to their region. They usually pay tribute to an Armiger, Oligarch or Baron, although rare independent tribes some are led by their own Warlords.

Insular, highly skilled mercantile, trade or mercenary societies, given relative independence and sanction due to the value of their expertise or secret knowledge. Their leaders are known as Syndics.

Aristocrat-warriors of the lower noble castes, organized in families known as Houses. They wear suits of hereditary magical or advanced technological armor in battle and serve as officers. Armigers pay tribute to and follow hereditary liege Barons.

Hierarchs are a caste similar to the Armigers, but are non-noble ascetics that serve the Temples of the Lords of Light and enforce their laws. Some are warriors, others are sages, sorcerers or even assassins or mind wizards due to the inclinations of their particular sect. Their leaders are known as Hierophants. They are given sanction by the nobility due to their traditional role in Lawful civilization and their value to society. They can be great rivalry between Armiger Houses and Hierarch Sects.

The heads of powerful wealthy extended families, Oligarchs are granted title and sanction by the nobles in return for exchange for handling matters unworthy of the noble warrior castes. Oligarchs are often resented by Armigers and snubbed by Barons. Although they do not have teh full sanction to kill that the noble warrior classes do, usually a blind eye is turned to their fighting-men, who are known as Bravos and have a reputation for dishonorable killing.

The leaders of Hierarch Sects who are accorded a semi-noble status by the aristocratic castes in regard for their spiritual and worldly value.

The middling noble caste who have dominion over a settlement or region. One of non-noble heritage who attains equivalent power is usually called a Warlord. Similar to Armigers, Barons pay tribute to and pay service to a liege Archon.

The upper noble caste who usually rule a large city or an expanse of valuable territory. A non-noble personage of equivalent might is usually known as a Tyrant. Usually Archons pay tribute, of a sort, to The Autarch although often they pay tribute to an Archon or Exarch of superior might.

An Exarch is similar to an Archon but are of a higher caste that rule larger, more civilized territories. Exarchs are typically arrogant in their dealings with lower castes.

Ostensibly the supreme master of Planet Algol, the Autarch pay tribute to none is sovereign of all. In actuality there has been multiple Archons in past ages, sometimes bitter rivals other times unaware of each other due to vast distances. Ostensibly all nobles pay tribute to The Archon, but it has unknown who or where the legitimate Archon is for ages. It is known there is one known as the Emerald Archon located a vast distance eastwards, but almost nothing is known of it.

Compiled 100 Random Adventure Plots Table

"76- A terrible howling storm of acid and radiation lashes the land driving all into shelters where they must contend with cannibalistic madness."
Total DM Dick Move.

The below table contains the previous 80 entries I posted (60 of which were written while waiting for all of today session's players to show up) with an additon 20 written after the game. Obviously mangle, invert, remix and so forth to suit your own needs. This is the sort of table I would roll on for a "special" encounter table result or a successful attempt by the player characters to "find adventure."

01- A shapechanging insectoid seductress has been devouring her paramours and taking their wealth.
02- A swarm of psychic hivemind trilobites have been razing the land.
03- A dying wastelander tells of a buried cache of intoxicants and weaponry.
04- A jewel-encrusted skull telepathically speaks of a subterranean vault-palace full of treasure.
05- Cultists is tattered rags with weeping sores transport a palanquin containing a powerful radium bomb with a cracked casing.
06- Shapechanging androids from the future seeks to kill a member of the party.
07- A crack in the ground disgorges massive worm-vehicles with paralyzing dart throwers.
08- A band of Earth Man cowboys recently transported to Algol.
09- An Earth Man engineer, the sole survivor of a recent rocket crash, has the tool and knowledge to manufacture firearms and ammunition with adequate facilities and supplies.
10- A band of Ape-Savants and Ape-Warlords who seek the buries vault of an ancient Ape civilization.
11- A powerful Baron seeks guards to transport a gift of virgin pleasure slaves to a foreign warlord unmolested.
12- Nocturnal travelers have been found dead, with their skulls neatly sliced open and their brains missing.
13- A cave has been vomiting vast dense clouds of pulpy worm-flies that plague neatby settlements.
14- A small army of veiled pilgrims drag a massive iron battelship across the wastes.
15- A monolithic tower of craggy obsidian bearing a burning ruby eye slowly travels across the land.
16- Clouds of green fog have been appearing, they transform all living creature within into slime encrusted mindless animate skeletons.
17- A beautiful blind noblewoman has been seen at night seeking a legendary hero.
18- Glowing portals into the underworld have been seen at night.
19- An Earth Man rocket-jet has recently crashed, it's crew seek to repair it's engine.
20 - A obsessed Earth Man scientist and his beautiful daughter seek guides.
21- A cult seeks someone to slay a child-prisoner.
22- Fanatics seeks a legendary jewel possessed by a tribe of savages in order to reincarnate a sorcerer-king.
23- Advanced subterranean beings are attempting to take over the local criminal enterprises.
24- Followers of the Lords of Light seek to stop a cyborg from finding a lost temple.
25- A intelligence from a plane of pure thought seeks to acquire an ancient super-computer.
26- A hero who is secretly a villain seeks an ancient tomb in order to unleash a linguistic virus.
27- A Baron seeks adventurers to destroy the corrupt armigers of an isolated settlement who are secretly controlled by an insane cult.
28- A warlord-priest with a spaceship-temple and pirate-fanatic followers has been raiding isolated settlements.
29- Thieves have been spreading diseases at taverns.
30- A mad sorceress and a dashing thief seek the secrets of a demon altar located in the depths of a vast precipice.
31- An arrogant sorcerer served by bound nightgaunts seeks to seize the powers of the Human avatar of an extradimensional entity.
32- The heir of an important noble was slain and the standard of his army, a totem of copper and feathers with bound spirits, was stolen.
33- A powerful priest-oligarch seeks his illegitimate daughter who is a pleasure-slave of a wandering mercenary band.
34- A jeweled dagger has been found that induces overpowering greed in those that view it.
35- Demons possess the celebrants of a fertility festival inducing blodthirsty madness.
36- A speaking zorse claims to be a transformed hero that needs to travel to a remote shrine in order to break their curse.
37- A noble seeks guards for a expedition to hunt mutant dinosaurs.
38- The spoiled scion of a rich merchant seeks to hire adventurers for an treasure hunting expedition.
39- Veiled pilgrims are secretly collecting genetic material.
40- An artist seeks grotesque subjects to serve as inspiration.
41- A lamia with the power of invisibility is seeking to raise an army of the dead with the aid of a gang of rebellious noble youth.
42- A band of intoxicant addicted Amazons led by an imperious queen terrorize the land from a sky-barge.
43- An infamous villain of legend emerges from hibernation in a hidden vault.
44- A traveling band of entertainers are said to possess a hidden fortune.
45- A sky-vessel pilot seeks a forsaken temple in order to bring back a deceased lover.
46- Soldiers are hunting a pleasure slave who slew a noble and fled with a powerful energy weapon.
47- A child avatar of Nyarlathotep has been accumulated sword-bearing mindless followers.
48- Ruthless treasure hunters seek a jewel-encrusted cavern inhabited by peaceful shadow-beings.
49- A settlement is haunted by a deformed phantom that summons extradimensional beings.
50- Feuding noble houses conspire to bring war to the land.
51- An intoxicant-addled sorcerer accidentally creates a portal to Iagdhir, inflicting the freezing temperatures and icy inhabitants of that planet on the surrounding lands.
52- An undead Earth Man astronaut seeks the means to return home.
53- A comet crashes mutating the wildlife into bizarre abominations.
54- A powerful Baron begins conscripting children to be indoctrinated into an elite guard.
55- Two rival nomad clans seek a prophetic monolith.
56- A champion seeks a legendary weapon for an upcoming duel.
57- A order or fanatical warrior-monks with a blood-thirsting magic weapon seek to slay a girl-child in order to fulfill a prophecy.
58- A runaway youth is pursued by the Armigers of his Baron father.
59- An assassin-courtesan seeks an escort to a faraway land to begin a new life.
60- A technocrat is using poison and clones to take over a settlement.
61- The insane remnants of a lost civilization have been using a brothel to implant hypnotic suggestions into the clients.
62- Insane scientists seek to entrap a god-like alien.
63- Time travelers seek to control a Great Old One.
64- Alien beings composed of mental energy have been possessing women.
65- A fortress holds the vehicle of an unknown alien race.
66- A spaceman has been using biological warfare, clones and bombs to extort nobles.
67- There is a rich bounty for the head of an intoxicant merchant who dwells in a hidden stronghold.
68- Nobles and criminals both seeks ancient weapons in a underground complex.
69- Scientists need to have their twisted creations destroyed.
70- A demon slayer and his entourage seek a hidden monastery with shrines to the Great Old Ones.
71- A cruel young Baron possesses a treasure map that leads to legendary ancient torture devices.
72- A noble's secret subterranean pleasure vault has been overtaken by recently awakened demons.
73- A noble seeks an escort to take his daughter to a secret cult that dwells at a remote oasis.
74- A youth claims to be a reincarnated hero and is provoking a slave uprising.
75- A sorcerer seeks to offer his daughter to a an ancient subterranean alien entity.
76- A terrible howling storm of acid and radiation lashes the land driving all into shelters where they must contend with cannibalistic madness.
77- A leprous pariah with a metal steed has been hiring hardened mercenaries.
78- A scholar seeks to study a remote tribe that practices unwholesome rites.
79- A powerful sorceress with a bestial lover seeks an ancient weapon contained within an madness-inducing labyrinth.
80- A noble seeks someone to slay a powerful merchant who has been experimenting with ancient alien technology and is guarded by rogue Armigers.
81- Warlord seeks protection from adventurers seeking to rob him.
82- Master thief seeks escorts to rob an ancient tomb.
83- Flawless virgin is sought to ritually marry an ancient idol.
84- Plot to secretly replace a noble house with clones.
85- Secret gladiatorial tournament to the death.
86- Beautiful slave seeks rescue from a demonic master.
87- A mind wizard has been infiltrating the local noble houses and blackmailing them.
88- A local noble has died and his child son must assume the throne.
89- A beacon leads to a crashed spacecraft.
90- Someone's mother has been abducted by a wandering trader.
91- Rival gangs of smugglers declare war upon each other.
92- A bitter knife-fighter seeks aid to destroy an undead abomination that used to be her twin sister.
93- A desperate battle aboard flaming sky-vessels.
94- An automated spacecraft lands disgorging ravenous alien beasts.
95- A golden idol is guarded by a tribe of savages and a mummified sorcerer.
96- A trade guild is waging a secret war of assassination against the local noble houses.
97- Innocent alien youth fleeing their cruel society seek aid to escape their psychic kin.
98- Slavers using an ancient death ray to enslave nomads.
99- A rich merchant seeks to create an android duplicate of a powerful sorcerer.
100- A sorcerer trapped in the shadow planes seeks adventurers to travel to a desert oracle.

Another Plot Generator Table

1- A lamia with the power of invisibility...

20 More Adventure Seeds

1- The insane remnants of a lost civilization...

Random NPC(s) Table

1- Jaded gladiator who murders for gold
2- Band of musicians one of whom is secretly a jewel thief
3- Sorcerer possessed by multiple spirits who compel him to drink human blood
4- Secret order of warriors and mystics defending an ancient relic
5- Savages with women for sale
6- Enchanter of luck-amulets prone to cutting insults
7- Self-important master tactician and strategist
8- Child possessed by a legendary sage's spirit, will know many uncanny facts
9- Young man seeking vengeance against the sorcerer who slew his bride with magic
10- Crippled son of a Baron, outcast due to his deformity
11- Wandering bodiless spirit that seeks to drive men mad
12- Casually cruel and vain armiger bravo
13- Blind prophet who wanders the wastelands
14- Likable rogue with dim-witted guards
15- Rich merchant couple, husband unaware wife is actually a disguised Serpent-Man
16- Dancing girl being hounded by a blackmailer
17- Psychic Assassin who seeks to collect a massive fee for slaying a difficult target
18- Baron seeking to overthrow the local rulers and seize their throne
19- A master of disguise and deception
20- Beautiful artist telepathically bonded to a savage warrior

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Magic Item - George's Lucky Green Twenty Sider

Today I picked up two sets of Gamescience dice (for $5/set!) and while inking them came up with the following "tribute" to the Colonel and his dice.

George's Lucky Green Twenty Sider
This object appears to be a small, green plastic polyhedral dice with twenty sides numbered either from one through to twenty or zero through to nine twice. If closely examined one will observe that it is slightly "egg-shaped."If the bearer of this dice ever dies as the direct result of a failed saving throw they are allowed to "turn back the clock" and make a second saving throw with a +5 modifier. Once a character's life has been saved by this dice it disappears forever.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

March 20th & 27th...Blair's Big Dumb Planet Algol Adventure?

So March 21st-27th is International Traditional Gaming Week and I've been very jealous of Jeff Rient's Big Dumb Tekumel Adventure at this year's Winter War. Also, Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion has just been released. So I'm considering doing two "open" Planet Algol games in "public/semi-public" locales in order to celebrate ITGW...with Blair's Big Dumb Planet Algol Adventures utilizing Advanced Labyrinth Lord.

There is a selfish motivation for this...Planet Algol need's it's own "Castle Blackmoor/Castle Greyhawk" iconic dungeon and what better motivation to create a big gonzo fun dungeon that the very public ordeal of an "open game?" Plus, DMing for a bunch of folks that aren't part of my insular bohemian gaming group should be an interesting experience that I could learn from.

Hopefully my momentum continues and this becomes a reality. If this happens, hopefully Ancientvaults, Yezmyr and some of the Red Box Vancouver crew could make it for on eof these games ....

Cue the Star Trek fighting music...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chapter 15, Part 3 "Slaves and Treasure"

Part I Here, Part II Here.

The next morning the party takes leave of the dome ruins and Cactoids, traveling first north to Adomaz on the edge of the Red Sands and then up a canyon through the escarpment of the Iridium Plateau up to Fortress Scarlet.

Buzz presents the red metal ring in the form of a nude female shape given to him by the Scarlet Lady and explains that he has intelligence for the Scarlet Lady. The party is told to wait in an unoccupied barrack, aside from Mookla who is sequestered in a giant slug stable. The stable is dark and moist and the mutant of the Slime Lands is enthused as he admires the giant slug.

The rest of the party finds themselves in servicable quarters but find that their door is locked or barred. After much knocking a guard opens a small grate and glares at them. Buzz demands an explanation and is told that the Scarlet Lady is unavailable but that a slave is coming to take the Earth Man's report.

Shortly the door opens revealing a pale, nude Nire Witch clad only in a slave collar. She explains that she will be taking Buzz for a debriefing and leads him away. While the door is open the party sizes up their guards. Two of the perfumed fancy guards of Fortress Scarlet clad in rich silks and ornamental armor are glaring at the party...and one of them is the crested green Vlesh Man that the Earth youth Radar O'Reiley had beat up in a fistfight during the party's previous stay at Fortress Scarlet.

Radar blushes furiously and attempts to nonchalantly hide his face and appear inconspicuous. The door is shut and barred while Buzz is lead away. Once he and the slave are around a corner and away from the guards in a deserted red stone corridor the Nire Witch slave burst into tears and throws her slender ivory arms around his neck.

"Oh please help me! Take me away from this horrible place! I have fallen in love with you! They are so cruel here I need to escape!" she sobs into his chest. Buzz consoles her and, finding her compliant, takes full advantage of the unexpected situation. Afterwards she regains her composure, instructs Buzz that they must behave as if nothing has occured, and takes him to an office with a few bureaucrat slaves and a bored looking fancily garbed guard who begins glaring at Buzz.

The two sit at a desk and the slave readies a pen and wax tablet before questioning Buzz about his intelligence for the Scarlet Lady. Buzz questions the slave, why is he not giving his report directly to the Scarlet Lady as she gave him her token? The slave replies that the Scarlet Lady is currently away from Foretress Scarley on affairs of state. Buzz notices the glaring Vlesh Man guard from their room enter the room and talk to the already present guard, before the two of them leave, both glaring at Buzz. The slave seems unimpressed with the completed report, and she takes him back to his quarters.

On the way, while they are alone, the slave embraces Buzz briefly before asking him what his plan is for her escape. Buzz replies that he considers the Scarlet Lady to be his friends and that he would certainly not betray her by helping one of her slaves escape. The slave seems dejected and Buzz is reunited with his companions in the barrack.

The party is provided with drink and fare and have a restful night on their bunks. Meanwhile Mookla the Reeking Mutant is enjoying the companionship of the giant slug in the stable. The next morning all are roused by the guards and led to the fortress' western exit. On the way Buzz takes an officer aside and explains how the Nire Witch slave was trying to get him tohelp her escape. The guard raises his manicured eyebrows in surprise before thanking Buzz and informing him that the disloyal slave will be impaled.

One out of the fortress and on their Ornith steeds in the dunes of the Rust Desert the adventurers discuss where to next proceed and a decision is made to try and find the abandoned monastery with the treasure in the basement.

The party travels northward into the southern face of the Bornite Mountain range and does indeed find a ruined monastery where they make camp. The next morning they find a narrow staircase descending into a massive underground vault, one side buried in tons of rubble, filled with pallets of corroded, collapsed, decayed matter.

The party wanders the huge underground chamber, prodding at the piles of ancient garbage, for around an hour before one spots an intact metal barrel which is quickly pulled out of the palled of worthless decay.

The barrel seems somewhat heavy and makes jingling sounds when shaken. It is sealed with a gummy black substance. Jedediah pulls out his bowie knife but Rodan shots for him to stops, visions of toxic substances in his mind, but Jedediah pays no heed and begins hacking away at the gummy matter before pulling off the lid revealing a small fortune in gold and silver coins as well as both a shield and a suit of armor composed of an unknown light, tough, opalescent, chitinous material, which both detect as magic when one of the Sorcerers utters the appropriate rune.

The party harvests their loot and makes their way south to the road to Jakay. When they are but a few miles away from Jakay they see a band of fourteen grinning Gnoles waiting alongside the road ahead. Dickie Dee immediately takes one of the robotic calcium bombs out of his pouch, instructs it in computer, and the tiny silver sphere disappears...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chapter 15, Part 2 "The Bee and Tales of the Dome"

Part I Here, Part III Here.

The party continues on their way from the ruined lilac glassteel dome to the port city of Kharhem. Mookla is denied entry to the city proper and us directed to the Beggars Gate on the south side of the city walls. The slums are the only area that mutants and nonhumans are ordinarily allowed. The rest take lodging at the Seven Precious Metals Inn located on the bazaar plaza and visit a Kherulhi Sorcerer, Robag Xul, who translates the lilac glassteel fragment from the ruined dome ("Bow Before The Witch-Kings of Ylum Your Now And Eternal Masters!") and sells a copy of a sinister incantation (The Talons of Yrg) to Dickie Dee for sveral thousand gold credits.

Meanwhile Mookla finds a rude camp of mutants, mostly of the wasteland variety, located outside the Beggars Gate. A grizzled Wasteland Mutant warrior befriends Mookla and offers him a place in his warband if any work comes up.

The rest of the part return to their Inn where they start chatting with their host, Cultan. Cultan tells them several tales of the lands about Kharhem such as the narcotic honey produced by the bees of the jungles west of Kharhem; the coven of mummified sorcerers north in the desert; Mount Yrmspir full of positronic crystals and massive blotched worms; the Twin Sky Masters and their slaver allies; the seventy-seven fossilized crystal brains of an extinct race of insect-sorcerers; the treasure forgotten in the basement of a ruined monastery; the slime encrusted winged abominations The Writhing Coils that nest upon the southeast rim of the Iridium Plateau and many other tales.

The present party members begin fiercely debating their next move over flagons of gin. Several want to return to the ruined lilac dome and excavate the sand, so a short trip is made into the bazaar to purchase pickaxes, shovels and the like. The party decides to rest in the inn for the night and set out in search of adventure upon the morn.

The next day the party rouses Mookla from the mutant camp and they all set forth on Ornith-back on a westwards course circling around the northern terminus of the Southern Gash. Soon they come to the thick greenery of the jungles adjacent to the slime lands. They can smell thick sweet perfume and see thick masses of large waxy light-colored blossoms growing in the dense vegetation. Investigating further they see that the jungle foliage is thick with bees as well and they begin searching for beehives.

After about an hour little progress has been made. It is hard to see well with the dense jungle canopy obscuring the sunlight and the thick vegetation hinders exploration and vision. Dickie Dee notices something odd about a bee flying by his head and immediately zaps it with a Magic Missile.

The Bone Man Sorcerers searches the rotting vegetable matter and fallen leaves that carpet the jungle floor and after several minutes finds what appears to be the fragment of a minuscule amber-colored human leg?

The Australian brawler Buzz Brazelhach snatches one of the omnipresent bees out of his hand. The party crowds around him and he holds his hand before his eyes and slowly, cautiously opens his fingers.

A tiny, bee-sized and colored human-like female form lies on his palm, it's bee-like wings crushed and mangled by Buzz's grab. It looks up at Buzz with a tiny plaintive expression and waves its antennae sadly. They try to communicate with the minuscule bee-girl but are unable to accomplish anything.

With a pale face and shocked expression Buzz gingerly places the tiny bee-girl upon a large jungle leaf. The little figure makes several pathetic attempts to fly with its mangled wings before dejectedly lying down while the adventurers quietly take their leave of the jungle, avoiding conversation or eye contact with each other.

The party finishes the short trek to the ruins of the lilac glassteel dome protruding from the arid grasslands at the southwestern fringe of the Red Sands. They spend several hours labouring with pickaxes and shovels trying to excavate the sand out of the dome ruins before realizing that with their current tools and resources this attempt would prove fruitless; the sand just runs back into their excavations as quickly as they haul it out. The group discusses the usage of tarpaulins, slaves and the like and resolve to return when better equipped.

One of the adventurers spots a small group of spiny green figures approaching from the north, a small group of nomadic Cactoids. The two parties hail each other and soon both groups are camping within the dome while sharing food, drink and tales.

The party finds out that the Cactoid nomads make a point of camping at the dome ruins during their counterclockwise circumnavigation of the eastern desert lands. Some Cactoids folktales say that the Cactoid people emerged upon Algol from another world at this dome in the distant past; other legends say that a race of powerful sorcerers took many Cactoids away from this world at the dome in eons long ago.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gyugoolagutha the Slime Goddess

The mistress of slimes, oozes, molds, Gyugoolagutha is depicted as a towering slender nude Human female with two mold-encrusted crab-like pincers for hands and a heaped fungal mass of slime-emitting gilled organs for a head. She is worshiped by the Mulg who pay no heed to her human servitors.

Obviously a homage to a certain Gygaxian fish-man goddess...

The Tenement Canyon of Agog City

The term canyon is actually a misnomer, as the the long forked crack in the planet's crust cutting through Agog City's Xenon District is actually a variety of bottomless pit. This has long been used to dispose of garbage and wastes that even The Vat Guild would not deign to accept in trade.

In the thousands of years of The Controller's reign, he has seen fit to disallow expansion of the city walls or construction within several miles of the city. The poorer inhabitants of the Xenon District have long been encouraged to build dwellings anchored to the walls of the bottomless canyon and it's sides are encrusted with a wide variety of constructions and has become known as The Tenement Canyon.

Due to the unregulated and cheap methods used to build them, is is not uncommon for portions of this construction to come loose and plunge into the abyss. As well, this bottomless gulf intersects with the lightless gulfs deep in the planet's crust and it's inhabitants often slither or flap their up to the tenements to prey upon the inhabitants. The more callous of Agog City's oligarchy consider such misfortunes to be side benefits of confining the poorest classes to the canyon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beneath the Searing Brassy Skies of the Demon Wastes

The Demon Wastes are hot, arid, rocky and very geologically active. The landscape is mostly desert and eroded rock formations, punctuated by tar pits, hot springs, gas vents and volcanic activity. There is much mineral wealth in the Demon Wastes, mostly orange gold, gems, petroleum and radium.

The Men of the Demon Wastes pay homagef Demons and the Lord of Change and base their lives around violence, cruelty, impulsiveness, selfishness and power. Ziomar the Goddess of Bloodshed is almost universally worshiped. Strangely enough, their society has been somewhat "stable" since the founding of their City-States tens of thousands of years ago. They dress in kilts and headdresses of colorful scales and feathers and will often paint themselves in asymmetrical garish, blocky patterns for special occasions.

Dueling is very important in their society and are fought naked with knife or sword. Poison is acceptable as long as both parties agree. They are used to resolve most disputes in the Demon Waste society, and many skilled bladesmen have made small fortunes as professional duelists in these lands.

Slaves perform all of the unpleasant and menial tasks, and due to the cruelty of the chaotic Men of the Demon Wastes they are always in demand; many slavers make the dangerous journey to the lands on a regular basis. The Men of the Demon Wastes also breed Mutants and utilize them for warfare, mounts and specialized tasks.

There are three of the ancient city-states of the Demon Wastes:

Arrushk "The Floating City"
Arrushk does indeed float, upon a vast lake of tar and it's buildings are build upon massive brass barges and vessels. A miles-long pontoon bridge leads across the tar. It's inhabitants are Lhovhami Men.

Ozlaziatl "The Migrating City"
New buildings are constantly being built in Ozlaziatl while older ones are abandoned; over the span of hundreds of centuries the city has actually moved across the Demon Wastes in a meandering spiral leaving a trail of ruins behind. The Men of Ozlaziatl are Kherulhi Men.

Thare "The Spire of Impalers"
Thare is a city composed of one building, a towering needle-nosed spire encrusted with balconies, smaller towers, gigantic buttresses, and sky vessel docks. It is surrounded by a plain of iron stakes, most bearing skeletons and dessicated corpses. Its populace are Ohlvidhi Men.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chapter 15, Part 1 "Ayzold Birds of The Ahoggya Intoxicant Merchant"

The Adventurers:
Buzz Brazelhach - Womanizing Australian Fightin' Bloke
Corporal Radar O'Reiley - Naive Earth Boy Rocket Soldier
Dickie Dee - Bone Man Sorcerer Junkie
Jedediah - 1850s Hayseed Southerner Fightin' Man
Jek-Mor - Creepy Hyperborean Sorcerer
Mookla - Reeking, Deformed (yet very intelligent!) Mutant of the Slime Lands
Rodan the Scrounger - Zermish Green Man Fighting Scavenger

Part II Here, Part III Here.

The party continues down the canyon to the Red Sands. The settlement of Adomaz is visible and roughly 5 miles away. Off to one side of the canyon's mouth stands a huge, ancient cistern. Bright orange, cracked with pools of water at it's base. Rodan presses the party to refill their canteens and waterskins but Buzz points out that Adomaz is only a short ride away and will have assuredly potable water available.

Soon enough they ride up to the western gate of Adomaz, a town of baroque, flowing tall green mansions surrounded by a circular glassy wall with an irregular jagged top...the remains of a destroyed dome? The Lhovhami Red Man guards are wearing black armor, carry firelances and are talkative and helpful. When an inquiry is made regarding the orange cistern the party passed they are informed that those who drink it's water usually sicken and die. They get directions to reputable lodging, the Frenzied Stegosaur Caravan House and are soon sitting at a table ordering gin and supper, aside from Mookla the reeking mutant who finds a secluded alleyway.

Dickie Dee and Jek more inquire about intoxicants and are rebuffed as "this is a respectable establishment." Next Buzz inquires about companionship and is informed about The House of Masculine Relaxation, but is also warned that it is a fancy establishment where certain standards regarding dress and grooming are enforced.

Buzz immediately calls for a bath and a barber, and soon he and Rhodan and sitting in steaming basins while a barber slave shaves, perfumes and grooms them. The two end up with pomaded pompadours and Buzz inquires about getting a new sheath and handle for his foul-smelling willowy whip sword of the reeking Shunned Ones. The barber slaves asks for ten gold credits and takes the weapon, claiming that he will return on the morrow. The two go to the brothel where Optmar the Optimal, a man clad in a silver bodysuit and mask, scrutinizes and interrogates the two before discussing their arrangements. A sum of several hundred gold credits is arrived at before Jedediah bursts into the room. He is broke but the two take pity on Jedediah and frugal arrangements are made for him.

Meanwhile Dickie Dee and Jek-Mor are wandering the streets of Adomaz, seeking an intoxicant lounge. They notice a seedy-looking dive, The Jagged Gut Slicer, that seems to cater to disreputable mercenaries. The two enter and sit down.

The tavern is lit by dim, indirect garish illumination and several skinny, naked slave dancing women stroll show the signs of intoxicant abuse. The bouncer eyes the two sorcerers and stares hard at Dickie Dee's javelin and Jek-Mor's sword before loudly announcing "Well, it looks like we have a real pair of Fighting-Men here tonight!" and guffawing. The whole bar joins in, mockingly laughing at the two. Their gin tastes foul and metallic. Somehow they get directions to The Den of Utmost Relaxation, a subterranean intoxicant vendor in the alleyway.

Dickei Dee and Jek-Mor enter the alley, descend a filthy stair and enter the Den. The room is small and illuminated by a dim blue light. The proprietor is a strange four-armed, legged and faced, squat bristly, carapaced being. It is named Gnasher and Dickie Dee makes arrangements to purchase six Ayzolg Birds, small four-winged, six-legged live fetal birds coated with glowing ulfire mold that are steeped in boiling water to make a stimulant tea.

The two return to the inn where they procure a brazier, kettle and cups. The somewhat innocent youth Radar O'Reiley winces in horror when Dickie immerses two of the glowing Ayzold chicks in boiling water and declines the sickly sweet smelling stimulant tea that the sorcerers offer him.

The next day they visit the Baron's physician who, for a hefty sum, treats Buzz and Radar's acid burns (inflicted by the Black Pudding in the canyon) and sells Radar a small jar of the pink ooze he used to treat their injuries.

The party leaves Adomaz, heading south down the road to Kharhem. After a couple of hours they notice the ruins of a lilac dome off to one side of the road. Investigating for a couple of hours they find nothing but a shard of lilac glassteel inscribed with unintelligible glyphs before they continue their wanderings. The party decides to return with excavating tools in the near future.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Magic Item - Conan's Vampire Teeth Necklace


A crude necklace featuring several pointed teeth and a pendant that resembles a wheel with 8-spokes. It has two properties when worn:

1) If the wearer is wielding a weapon that can stab while fighting an opponent with a face, any attack roll result of a "natural 20" results in the opponent being stabbed in the face for double maximum damage.

2) If the wearer is shirtless while clad in a loincloth, while fighting unarmed they will get a +1d4 bonus to unarmed attack rolls and damage rolls.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Skla & The Demon Wastes

The Verdant Lands of Skla

A land of perpetual moist fog, Skla is full of vegetation-encrusted steep eroded mountain spires with deep valleys between. Located in its depths is Akhtor-Skla, a land inhabited by a society of eccentric Bone Man Sorcerers who live in isolated pagoda-villas. They are said to be masters of subtle strategy, poisoning, chess and tea.

For reasons unknown British servicemen from World Wars I & II keep on appearing in Skla, and have founded a settlement, Fort Churchill. The Bone Sorcerers of Akhntor-Skla are reputed to find these Earth Men amusing.

The Demon Wastes

A torrid badland home to city-states tens of thousands of years old, which are all societies of fanatical followers of the Lords of Change. As a result this a culture of cruelty, violence, selfishness, and insanity. Somehow powerful noble houses have emerged from this, the Demon Barons.

It is said that the city-states of the Demon Wastes were founded by and are secretly ruled by Demons. Regardless, consorting with Demons and the blackest of sorcery is tolerated and even encouraged in the Demon Wastes, and many sorcerers, chaotic and otherwise, travel to the city-states of the Demon Waste in order to acquire incantations, lore and artifacts. Slaves are always in demand in this cruel land, and many slaver caravans make the dangerous trek to trade for the orange gold of the Demon Barons.

The geography of the Demon Wastes includes rocky and sandy desert, badlands, jagged mountains, salt pans, tar pits, hot springs and active volcanoes.