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Settlements, Strongholds and Ruins of the Iridium Plateau

The following references the Iridium Plateau hexmap visible here.

0308, 0407,0508: THE MELTED CITY
A vast sprawl of the melted stumps of massive ancient buildings surrounded by a lumpy yet flattish plain of cracked glass. The city that once stood here appears to have been build of vividly colored glass as the melted remnants are brightly colored violet, red, indigo, dark green and other shades, although some sages say the terrible weapons that created the Prismatic Wastes also colored the ruins of the people they destroyed. Over the eons many of the ruins have shattered leaving jagged blades, and piles of colorful fragmented glass sand lie in corners and dunes about the city. Some say that the subterranean regions of the Melted City survived the devastation that destroyed it, and that there are many tunnels and chambers beneath it where Ancient relics could be salvaged.

0412: DUST
Also known as Gully Town, this town serves as a last stop for caravans heading into the Western Badlands. Prospectors go into the Prismatic Salt Wastes looking deposits of valuable mineral salts, and hunters seek Zorses and Orniths in the Lands of Purple Grasses to capture, tame and sell.

A towering edifice of dark indigo glassy plasticrete blocks, Fortress Cobalt controls access to the western pass leading up to Iridium Plateau.

1009: PIT
A rambling shambles of rusted shack, foundries, workshops and warehouses, all suffused with rust, surrounding a vast bottomless shaft. The bottomless shaft that the town is named after serves as access to many veins of minerals, making the town a prosperous, but excessively rough, mining community. The local miners are a vile lot, fond of gin, inhalants, and tormenting Mnors from the surrounding foothills with torches and tridents as a callous entertainment.

1013: CANYX
Another mining town, founded to exploit the mineral wealth exposed by the canyon that gashes through the plateau southwards.

One of the oldest continually inhabited cities on Algol, Agog is also one of the most technologically advanced, being built upon and within massive constructions from the Aeon of the Ancients. Although most of the technology has long since broken down, or the knowledge to operate has been lost, the Technocrats of Agog have great stockpiles of Ancient artifacts and know much in the arts of science, engineering and medicine. A being known as The Controller, an immortal demigod, is the absolute ruler of Agog. The native people of Agog, called Agogites or Pink Men, have pale pink skin, ranging in tone from that of an infant to a rosy nacre. The latter tone is much more common among those of a pampered disposition. They are generally bald, in both sexes, the hair of the few that possess it being lank, fine and like that of a albino in pigmentation. The upper class Agogites dress in simple metallic or iridescent togas and robes, ornate helmets made of transparent crystal or precious metal, and high-strapped metallic sandals. Those of the middle class wear overalls, usually in neutral gray or metallic tones, simple brass helmets, and sock-like footwear. Lower class Agogites are clad in overalls, usually in drab colors such a lead, dun or khaki (and usually patched and stained as well), battered lead helmets, and lead clogs. Agog is divided in several districts.
See also the Tenement Canyon of Agog City.

1210-1410: THE GREAT SPAN
A massive bridge of solid white plasticrete, 10 miles in length, that spans the Rift Canyon providing a route from Agog City to the regions eastwards.

A huge, tarnished bronze dome, it's rim graven with massive glyphs, the home of powerful, reclusive wizard who is centuries old. Some say that the glyphs are encoded with the incantations and formulae for a terrible ritual from the time of the Elder Races.

A squat desert town, the home base of scavengers that search the Rust Desert for artifacts of the Ancients. The eastward trade route from Agog detours here to avoid the monsters and raiders that lurk in the wilds of the Rust Desert.

Formed from a massive, solid, single mass of black metal, Fortress Adamant guards access to the Great Span.

This red, glassy stone fortress is home to The Red Lady, an immortal sorceress and demigoddess renowned for her beauty and infamous for her vanity and jealousy. The officers of her guard are her lovers, and fanatically serve their mistress.

2209: ADOMAZ
A small caravan town, some miners exploit the mineral wealth of the canyon west of town that provides accesss to the Iridium Plateau. A population of Cactoids dwell in the lands around Adomaz, coming into town to trade.

Built on the cyclopean ruins of a city of the Ancients, Kharhem is a thriving market city that serves the trade routes to Agog, the Red Sands, the Southern Gash and Sangkalla in the Jungles of Venom in the south.

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