Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introduction: The Bold Adventures O' Monster Monagin

Courtesy of Planet Algol Campaign participant Peter.

The Bold Adventures o' Monster Monagin
(an' Others)

"Now hear this! The name's Monster Monagin, and I was the fightin'est man on the fightin'est ship 'ereto sail the seven seas. She was known as the Black Scream, and I worked her decks until the dissolution and disbandin' of that tub and it's crew. You see, myself and some others o' the crew got tangled up in an awful mash with a dastardly Chinaman by the name of Tsung Lee during a port stay in shanghai. The fiend cast a spell upon the Black Scream that sent the ship into a whirpool o' swirling colours and flashing lights. The ship be smashed an' flung in ever' direction like the contents of a matchbox, durin' which I blacked out...
Seems I ended up shipwrecked in a strange land known t' the locals as Algol. A land that don’t lay on any map I’ve 'ere-seen; a land of sorcerous villains and sights t' amaze. Where the rest o' the crew of the Black Scream are, I don’t know. Eventually I made acquaintance wi' a squadron o' young toughs; A livin' skeleton man named Dickie Dee, a couple of nearly normal human men named Maggot Mort the coughing cripple and Bull’s Eye Buck, along with another freak named Rygarr with sea-sick green flesh. They had a few friends too, and many enemies. I decided 'twould be these men, freakish and weird tho' they be, that would be me backups on adventure in this strange land."
Let's hope that Peter continues to share the stirring adventures of Monster Monagin, in his own fightin' words, as the introduction is pure red-blooded, two-fisted adventure!

I was already musing about making a random table for Earth Man characters to generate their means of Algolization, with such entries as "Sailed into the Bermuda Triangle," "Scientific Experiment in Matter Transport," "Adventures on Algol in dreams," "Abducted by UFO," now I know I need to have "Was victim of curse cast by foreigner (d6: 1 - Gypsy, 2 - Witch Doctor, 3 - Chinaman, 4 - Re-animated Pharoh, 5 - Thugge Priest, 6 - Indian Chief)" as an entry.


  1. Nice work, Master P. And, I like what we're saying here Blaire. I like it!

  2. No e in the Masculine form of Blair Wes!

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    uhh..Them's our code names! That's right, you heard me! We's usin' codenames.