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Races of Algol Men

"...Algol is much older than Earth, and has had life and intelligent inhabitants for far longer....Over the millennia in the weird environments of Algol many of those species have developed along strange evolutionary paths as well and there are many different races of man that are, despite being wholly human, are radically different in appearance to Earth men, possessing strange coloration or features such as crests, webbed digits, scaled skin, or other such things strange to our earth sensibilities..."

Note that although the racial names below are the proper nomenclature, it is common to describe an Agog Man soley by their skin color, ie. an Agogi as a Pink Man, a Lhoyg as a Black and White Man, a Mhoght as a purple man, or a Zhaxxi as a Silver Man. Earth Men are immediately recognizable as a foreign race by Algol natives and are referred to as Earth Men regardless of their skin colour. Among the upper and learned classes the usuage of skin color as a descriptor is considered vulgar and the proper racial name is used instead, aside from Earth Men.

Agogi Men
Pink skin.
Most are hairless.
Thin, fine silver or white hair.
White or pink eyes.

Angalla Men
Nut brown to mahogany skin
Glossy wavy black hair.
Men have thick, lustrous facial hair.
Black or brown eyes.

Azgukh Men
Blue-green skin with purple stripes like that of a tiger.
Inky dark green to dark purple hair.
Gold eyes.

Barshi Men
Black, glossy skin.
Black, straight or wavy glossy hair.
Black, gray or gold eyes

Bone Men
Transparent flesh, like very clear glass, only the skeleton is visible.
Transparent eyes.

Dhazzhi Men
Bronze skin
Black, inky blue, dark metallic green or silver hair.
Gold or bronze eyes.

Gresh Men
Lemon yellow skin.
Yellow, green or brown eyes.

Haasht Men
Jade-toned, finely scaled skin.
Men have crests of lavender to blue-green scales instead of hair.
Women have wavy hair that are the same colours as the men's crests.
Iridescent bronze or copper eyes.

Hyperborean Men
Ashen white skin.
Silvery to gray hair.
Gray, white or yellow eyes.

Jhagkhi Men
Dull gray skin.
Shark-like fin on head instead of hair.
White to light gray eyes.

Kherulhi Men
Sky blue glossy skin.
Completely hairless.
Black eyes

Khoolvi Men
Orange skin with dark-brown or black tiger stripes, like that of a tiger.
Black, brown or coppery straight to bushy hair.
Copper eyes.

Lhovhami Men
Scarlet to vermilion glossy skin
Black, straight, glossy hair.
Black or dark brown eyes.

Lhoyg Men
Black and white skin in a piebald pattern.
Black or white eyes, having two different colored eyes is very common.

Mhoght Men
Purple, finely scaled skin.
Bushy or woolly black hair.
Men have bristling facial hair and broad, heavy facial features.
Black eyes.

Morheeg Men
Orange and yellow mottled skin.
Black, straight glossy hair.
Black eyes.

Nire Witches
Ivory skin.
Black, long, straight hair.
Blue, gray or yellow eyes.
The Nire race is entirely composed of women.

Ohlvidhi Men
Golden skin.
Coppery, bronze or brassy curly to bushy hair.
Yellow eyes.

Shuzakh Men
Black, glossy skin with red to orange stripes or spots.
Black eyes.

Tikalg Men
Pale gray, downy skin.
White crest of long, curling feathers instead of hair.
Yellow eyes.

Vhaashti Men
Violet to indigo skin.
Black, straight hair with iridescent highlights.
Iridescent green or blue-green eyes.

Viisstri Men
Gray skin.
Gray to black lank hair.
White, gray or yellow eyes.

Vlesh Men
Light to Dark green skin.
Ribbed crest like that of a dimetrodon instead of hair.
Yellow eyes.

Zhermish Men
Bright green skin
Many men are hairless.
Yellow to green hair that is woolly to wavy.
Blue to green eyes.

Zhaghri Men
Pumpkin orange to amber skin
Curly black hair.
Women have ample posteriors.
Black eyes.

Zhaxxi Men
Silver skin.
Black, gray, silver or white hair.
Pink eyes.

Random Racial Determination Table (d30)
1 - Agog Man
2 - Angalla Man
3 - Azgukh Man
- Barshi Man
- Bone Man
- Dhazzhi Man
- Earth Man
8 - Gresh Man
- Haasht Man
- Hyperborean Man
11 - Jhagkhi Man
- Kherulhi Man
- Khoolvi Man
- Lhovhami Man
- Lhoyg Man
- Mhoght Man
17 - Morheeg Man
- Nire Witch
- Ohlvidhi Man
20 - Shuzakh Man
21 - Tikalg Man
- Vhaashti Man
- Viisstri Man
24 - Vlesh Man
- Zhermish Man
- Zhaghri Man
- Zhaxxi Man
28-30 - Nonhuman or reroll

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