Thursday, September 24, 2009

D&D Deathclaws and Fallout-style Traveller

In this thread on Dragonsfoot, poster Distorted Humor lays out some of his ideas for using the Traveller ruleset for Fallout-style post apocalyptic play, "Wasteland." (This reminds me of the picture I saw of a LBB/Traveller style Hyborian Age game called "Wanderer," did this game actually exist or was it just a photshop?)

What really grabbed my eye were the Deathclaw Stats! Easily convertable to old school D&D, this critter is going to be one nasty random encounter for the players in the Planet Algol campaign.[SPOILER] (HD 8+4, AC 6?, MV 20", 2 2-12 claw attacks that ignore non-magical armor for purposes of hit determination, with dexterity bonuses and the like still in effect)[/SPOILER]

It's only appropriate, as both the CRPG Wasteland (Gabor Lux's Kard & Magica has D&D stats for that nasty scorpion robot!) and it's "sequels," the Fallout games, are an influence on the Planet Algol game, especially the "Raygun Gothic" esthetic for the Earth Man spacers exploring Planet Algol, although their shooting irons are generally of the six-shooter or bolt-action carbine variety (partially due to some "nonmilitarization of space" principle in the utopian pulp science fiction future Earth in the Planet Algol universe, and partially due to the general lack of military firearms in the 30s-50s science fiction that influences this campaign).

Speaking of Deathclaws, here's their original concept art, a homage to the Shadowclaws from the Wasteland CRPG.


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