Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Planet Algol Character Race/Class - Cactoid

The Cactoid
(racial class)

Armor: any (a Cactoid must clip off it's spines to wear armor)
Shield: any
Weapons: any
Oil: yes
Poison: yes
Starting Gold: 5d4 x 10 gold pieces
Weapon Proficiencies: 3 starting proficiencies (otherwise same as a fighter)
Starting Age: 20 + 1d4 years
Attack Matrix:: fighter
Saving Throw Matrix: fighter, +4 to saves against poison
Requirements: strength 9, constitution 13 (a Cactoid must have an intelligence of 13 and a wisdom of 14 to use Cactoid Magic).
Prime Requisite: Strength and Wisdom (+10% to earned experience if both 15 or higher)

Cactoids, also known as Cactus Men, are a race of plant humanoid that appear human aside from their tough, hairless, spiny green skin.

Cactoids roam the deserts and barrens of Algol in small nomadic bands. They eat the same foods as humans as well as snacking on sandy soil, they need only small amounts of water but also require sunlight for photosynthesis. Due to their skills at living off the land, and their low water requirements, they are able to get by in most wilderness areas (with exception for radioactive, frozen, poisoned, etc. environments) without the need to rations or water-skins.

Their spines will inflict 1 point of damage to creatures that grab or bite them, or 1-2 points of damage/round if grappled, constricted, etc. by a creature with an armor class greater than 6. If the Cactoid is being held in the mouth or stomach the creature's armor class will not prevent damage.
Due to their vegetable body structure Cactoids have a +4 on saving throws versus poison, and also take half damage from piercing weapons such as arrows, spears, picks, stingers, etc.
Cactoids have a natural armor class of 7. They are unable to wear armor, aside from shields, unless they clip off their spines, which if allowed, will take one month to regrow.

Cactoids with an Intelligence score of 13 and a Wisdom of 14 can use Cactoid Magic. Cactoid Magic uses spells from the Druid spell lists (aside from Detect Evil), and is cast without any verbal, somatic or material components. Cactoids use and prepare spells the same way a druid does. Cactoids that are capable of using magic are known as "Wise Ones" in Cactoid society.


1st Level
1. Animal Friend
2. Detect Magic
3. Entangle
4. Invisibility to Animals
5. Locate Animal
6. Predict Weather
7. Shillelagh (enchants the Cactoid's forearm instead of cudgel)
8. Speak With Animals

2nd Level
1. Barkskin
2. Charm Animal
3. Detect Evil (2nd level magic-user spell)
4. Feign Death
5. Locate Plants
6. Warp Wood

3rd Level
1. Cure Disease
2. Hold Animal
3. Neutralize Poison
4. Tree

Experience Points Level 8-Sided Hit Dice Attacks/Round 1st Level Spells 2nd Level Spells 3rd level spells
0 1 2 1 - - -
2,251 2 3 1 - - -
4,501 3 4 1 - - -
10,001 4 5 1 - - -
20,001 5 6 1 - - -
40,001 6 7 1 - - -
90,001 7 8 1 - - -
150,001 8 9 3/2 1 - -
225,001 9 10 3/2 1 - -
325,001 10 11 3/2 2 - -
650,001 11 11+2 3/2 2 - -
975,001 12 11+2 2 1 -
1,300,001 13 11+4 3/2 2 1 -
1,625,001 14 11+6 3/2 2 2 -
1,950,001 15 11+8 2 2 2 -
2,600,001 17 11+12 2 2 2 2


  1. Although I have taken things out of books for my game (gyraphonts for example), while the Cactoid is inspired by the Bas-Lag cactus people, but is a completely different being. Their culture is one of wandering bands of Nomads, they don't have cities.Anatomically, aside from their innards and their hairless, green, spined skin, they are identical to humans. Fingernails, nipples, etc.

    They're also inspired by the "noble savage" cliche, a primitive people with a mystic connection to nature.

    However, they do have wooden bones! Although now I want to have them using Chakrams (or african throwing knives) as missle weapons...

  2. I like them, as well as the rest of the blog. A lot of interesting ideas to shamelessly steal.

  3. The Final Fantasy games have their own unique version too, so there's plenty of room in gaming for more than one race of cactoids, I reckon!

    I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying reading the summaries and notes; this is one of the most imaginative settings I've seen in D&D in a while, and it's great fun to read.

  4. Hmm. I'm not seeing how this would work for, say Buzz Brazelhatch, or even another Cactoid. Do Cactoids have to clip their spines to mate?

  5. @ C'nor: My take is that their genitals and associated underwear areas are sans spines, combined with their tough skins.

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