Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chapter 3, Part 3: "The Rewards of Virtue..."

Part I Here, Part II Here.

The party awakens in the dim, low-ceiling Chamber of Cushions of the Lamia's Breath Intoxicating Vapour Lounge, their heads screaming with the chemical fumes of gin and inhalants. Clumsily they stumble into the main lounge where the slightly less dim lighting, courtesy of the thick, dark indigo windows, stabs glass knives through their eyes into their forebrains.

Fortunately the lounge has a gas available that redacts the effects of alcohol and vapour abuse and soon the companions are functional again although Dickie Dee's ocular apparatus persists in occasional bouts of fractal x-ray vision, a phenomenon the bone man finds jarring.

After breaking their fast at Slygar's the Sausage Skewer Seller's Stand with sausage skewers and fortifying tumblers of gin and tea they retrieve their zorses from the stables and set out north-west along the foothills of the Bornite Mountains. After a brief journey they arrive at Pit, a rambling shambles of rusted shack, foundries, workshops and warehouses all suffused with rust surrounding a vast bottomless shaft. The dust is rust, the clumpy red-brown creepers on the walls of buildings are a lichenous rust-plant, their mouths tang of rust from the air. The bottomless shaft that the town is named after serves as access to many veins of minerals, the town is a prosperous but excessively rough mining community

They seek out a salon, the Lead Cup, the supposed lair of their quarry, the intoxicant distributor and wrestler, Mozug. The party had come up with a scheme where they pose as sellers of a large quantity of Gamma Orichalcum and thus gain an audience with Mozug, facilitating a tidy and convenient assassination.

Some gap-toothed layouts lounging outside the Lead Cup whom display the obvious physical symptoms of long-term intoxicant abuse are hailed and an inquiry is made regarding who should the party contact in order to sell a large quantity of Gamma Orichalcum.

One of the layabouts proclaims that he has a interested patron and asks them to wait while he inform the potential customer of the offer. The party agrees, shortly he returns and tells them to come with him. They follow him into a neighborhood of decrepit abandoned warehouses and the entrance to one is indicated. Dickie Dee is unimpressed with the interior lighting so he ignites his lamp and shines it inside the large dark chamber.

He is rewarded for his efforts by two crossbow quarrels impaling his transparent flesh and he falls unconscious. Soon the party is involved in melee with a small gang of intoxicant addicts who aim to take the nonexistent Gamma Orichalcum by force. In the resulting fray, taking place both outside the entrance to the warehouse and inside the large split-level chamber strewn with abandoned machinery, Monster Monagin leaps off a ramp upon one of the scoundrels that punctured Dickie Dee and while grappling with the villain is struck in the head by an ancient, rusted chunk of engine knocked off the mezzanine above by the murderous scrambling of Dude Earthman who is rapidly slaying many of the intoxicant addicts with the needle-like blade of Gan-ron's magic silver bastard sword. Meanwhile Nigel Nightbreaker stoutly hacks away at the villains with his halberd.

The knock to the head fractured Monster Monagin's cranium, rendering him comatose. His foe, however, is less fortunate and the battle soon ends with the party victorious, although two members are severely injured and helpless...

Part I Here, Part II Here.

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