Monday, September 7, 2009

Paper Monsters From Tekumel

Image taken from The Genie's Lamp.

Last Planet Algol game involved many creatures (and some eyes...) from Empire Of The Petal Throne. While doing some follow-up research, I was gratified to come across this page at the Genie's Lamp website, which has PDFs of color paper minatures of Tekumel creatures. I certainly could have used these last game; they would have been great for:
  • when a N'grutha was sucking out the soft insides of Dude Earthman
  • the incredibly anticlimactic battle with a band of Hluss
  • when the party fled in terror after Euphorbus the Cactus Man fell to the swords of the Ssu
However, although this is a great free resource, I am disappointed the N'grutha doesn't have the creepy man-like face of the original DCS illustration (one of my favorite "Adventurers dying horribly" works by the artist).

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