Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Planet Algol Character Class - The Sage

The Sage
(magic-user subclass)

Armor: any (but may not use spells or turn while wearing armor)
Shield: none
Weapons: any (dagger or staff in standard D&D)
Oil: Yes
Poison: Yes
Starting Gold: 2d4 x 10 gold pieces
Weapon Proficiencies: see Magic-User
Starting Age: 24 + 2d8 years
Attack Matrix:: Magic-User
Saving Throw Matrix: Magic-User
Requirements: Intelligence 15, Wisdom 13. A Sage must have a 17 wisdom to cast 6th level spells, and an 18 wisdom to cast 7th level spells
Prime Requisite: Wisdom (+10% to earned experience if 15 or higher)

Experience 4-sided dice for Experience Read Additional Legend Lord &
Level Hit Points Points Languages Languages Item Knowledge
1 1 0 20% 5%
2 2 1,501 25% 7%
3 3 3,001 30% 1 10%
4 4 6,001 35% 13%
5 5 13,001 40% 1 16%
6 6 27,501 45% 1 20%
7 7 55,001 50% 25%
8 8 95,001 55% 1 30%
9 9 145,001 60% 1 35%
10 10 220,001 65% 40%
11 10+1 440,001 70% 1 45%
12 10+2 660,001 80% 1 50%

2200,000 experience points and 1 additional hit point per level of experience beyond the 12th

Sages have the abilities mentioned in the Dungeon Master's Guide (page 31). The number of fields of study the sage possesses is determined by the sage's intelligence score instead of the table in the Dungeon Master's Guide:

Intelligence Major Fields Minor Fields Special Categories in Major Field
15 1
1 2
16 1
2 2
17 1 2 3
18+ 1 2 4

The Sage's player may choose their Fields of Study and Special Knowledge Categories from the table on page 32 without dicing for the results.

Sages have the ability to Read Languages as that of a Thief three levels higher in experience.

Sages have the Additional Languages Known and Legend Lore/Item Knowledge abilities of a Bard that is one level higher in experience. Aside from levels 13 and 16, a Sage will learn a new language at every level past 12 and will gain an additional 5% to their Legend Lore/Item Knowledge ability to a maximum of 99%.

Sages can use some rituals from Carcosan Sorcery; namely the Rituals of Banishing, Invoking and Imprisoning. They do not begin play knowing any rituals.

Sages cast spells in the same manner as a magic-user, although the spells are limited to the ones listed below. They use the Illusionist table to determine spells usable by their level. They use Magic-user rules for beginning and learning spells as well as spellbooks. Sages may use scrolls and spells from magic-user spellbooks that are on the Sage spell tables and may use any magical items that relate to clairaudience, clairvoyance, ESP and telepathy.

The spells listed on the spell tables are from both the cleric and magic-user lists, with some illusionist spells. Sages gain bonus spells for high wisdom as a cleric does. A Sage needs a wisdom score of 17 to cast 6th level spells, and a score of 18 to cast 7th level spells.

A Sage has the power to turn away extra-dimensional beings; this ability is similar to the cleric's ability to turn undead. The referee should compare the extra-dimensional being to an undead creature with similar hit dice (or level of power) and use the cleric's turning matrix located in the Dungeon Master's Guide


1st Level
1 Comprehend Languages
2 Detect Evil
3 Detect Magic
4 Detect Invisibility
5 Detect Illusions (1st level illusionist spell)
6 Identify
7 Light
8 Protection from Evil
9 Read Magic
10 Remove Fear

2nd Level
1 Augury
2 Detect Charm
3 Find Traps
4 Know Alignment
5 Locate Object
6 Slow Poison
7 Speak With Animals

3rd Level
1 Clairaudience
2 Clairvoyance
3 Cure Blindness
4 Cure Disease
5 Dispel Illusion (3rd level illusionist spell)
6 Dispel Magic
7 Feign Death
8 Glyph of Warding
9 Non-detection
10 Prayer
11 Protection From Evil 10' Radius
12 Remove Curse
13 Speak With Dead
14 Tongues

4th Level
1 Detect Lie
2 Divination
3 Exorcise
4 Neutralize Poison
5 Speak With Plants

5th Level
1 Contact Other Plane
2 Dispel Evi
3 Plane Shift
4 Quest
5 Raise Dead
6 True Seeing

6th Level
1 Find the Path
2 Heal
3 Legend Lore
4 Speak With Monsters
5 Stone Tell

7th Level
1 Astral Spell
2 Gate
3 Holy Word
4 Mind Blank(8th level magic user spell)
5 Regenerate
6 Restoration
7 Resurrection
8 Symbol
9 Vision (7th level illusionist spell)


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    Excellent class and great graphic, too!

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