Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settlements of the Iridium Plateau Region - Adomaz

Adomaz is a small caravan town located on the western edge of the Red Sands beneath the escarpment of the Iridium Plateau. A circular rim of a smooth, curved dark red glassy stone with jagged, irregular tooth-like crenelations serves as the town walls and is the remains of a destroyed dome of the Ancients.

Inside the wall Adomoz is mostly large manor-complexes with several floors and wings with a distinct baroque, flowing, organic style. The building are constructed of a smooth, hard marble like matter in pale sea-green tones; this substance is excreted by a slave-caste of small blue termite like nonhumans who build and maintain these buildings.

Adomoz is located on the Caravan routes between Agog City, the Red Sands, and Kharhem and the South, and much of its economy is based on this. Some miner gangs harvest the mineral wealth exposed by the canyon west of town.

Adomaz's population is most Lhovhami Red Men, with a distinct minority of Kherulhi Blue Men followed by a mix of all races. Many Cactoids travel through the regions around Adomaz in their nomadic wanderings and it is said that they have a secret shrine located in the desert nearby. Often Cactoids take work as guides or scouts for caravans going eastwards into the Red Sands.

Adomaz is ruled by Baron Azdhar Aizdt Alzadhar of House Alzadhar (A Lhovhami House), who is strikingly tall and handsome, obsessed with the art of swordplay, and always wears a severe black military uniform. Several fencing-masters live in Adomaz, training House Alzadhar and its fighting-men. Although Adomaz pays tribute to the Controller and acknowledges it as its liege, the Baron prefers to stay out of the affairs of Agog City and Kharhem.


  1. It's coming together well, useful and evocative building details and neat Dune-y bits.

    Is it Lhovanni or Lhovami - it's spelt both ways in the player's guide too ?

  2. I just check my manuscript, "Lhovhami."

    Glad you picked on the Dune vibe, Arrakis has been weighing heavily on my imagination lately.