Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hex 1408: Jakay

Zodhar the Inexorable, a blue Kerulian Assassin of the Beaded Lizard Clan; Governor of Jakay for Agog City and The Controller.

Population: Several hundred inhabitants, roughly broken down as follows:
  • 35% Kerulian (Blue) Men. Half are of the Beaded Lizard clan, the other half are of the Banded Viper clan.
  • 15% Agogi (Pink) Men
  • 15% Lhovanni (Red) Men
  • 10% Gresh (Yellow) Men
  • 10% Zermish (Green) Men
  • 5% other races of Men
  • 5% Cactoids
  • 5% Phraints
The Spire of Turquoise and Copper: Jakay's sole tower; inhabited by Tazar the Interlocutor (elderly brown Angallan Sorcerer) and Botrubt the Obese (eyeless, sweaty white Hyperborean Sage).

Samdahr the Precise: a fussy, pink Agogi sage-physician; his practice is located in the town bazaar.

The town of Jakay is composed primarily of squat, single-storied drab clay buildings. It is located on an "elbow" of the Agog-Eastern Cities trade route, where it detours to avoid the raiders and monsters that lurk in the heart of the Rust Desert. Scavengers and artifact hunters use Jakay as a base for their expeditions into the Rust Desert. A ancient throbbing atomic pump provides water for the region.

On top of the town's fortifications several platforms of rusted girders serve as look-outs. Composed of half-buried bunkers, the walled structure surrounds the buildings of Jakay. Rumours persist of concealed laser cannons within these rusting watch platforms.

The town guard is mostly Kerulian and Lhovanni troops, with Cactoid and Phraint elite infantry. Their commands come from both Agogi and Kerulian Beaded Lizard Clan officers. The Cactoids are a clan of mercenary warriors that, at one time, had a temporary contract with The Controller, Immortal Demigod of Agog City.

The Controller, however, twisted the terms of the contract, binding the honorable Cactoids to terms they feel bound to fulfill. This leaves the ordinarily nomadic Cactoids serving as elite infantry for The Controller's interests in the Rust Desert region.

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