Thursday, September 24, 2009

Planet Algol Campaign Houserules

Suggested Planet Algol Campaign Houserules
Written for 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Ability Scores - Roll 3d6 straight down the line

Races - Human (Earth Man or one of 26 varieties of Algol Man), Cactoid (which is also a class) or Mutant.

Classes - Assassin, Cactoid (which is also a race), Fighting-man (Fighter), Mind Wizard, Sage (a "mental powers" magic-user variant) new class, an attempt at a "swords & sorcery" cleric analogue), Sorcerer (Magic-user with a couple new abilities), and Thief.

Hit Points - Maximum at first level. Whenever a character levels they re-roll their total hit points, if this is higher than their previous hit point value it is used, if it is less than the previous hit point value, than the previous hit point value is used. Basically re-roll your hit points every level and keep it if it's higher than your old total.

Weapons - Any class can use any weapon, however I use weapon proficiency rules as well as strength and dexterity requirements for some weapons. I also use the weapon versus armor type modifiers.

Armor - Any class can wear any armor, however they will be able to use many of their class abilities while in armor, and require a strength score of at least 9 and a constitution score of 7 or greater in order to wear armor heavier than padded or leather. Shield use by characters who do not ordinarily have that ability requires the use a weapon proficiency, otherwise if will only provided protection against one opponent (none in the case of a buckler), large shields will not provide the +2 bonus against missiles, and any relevant saving throw bonuses from magic shields will not apply.

- can use Carcosan Sorcery
- Can cast the Cleric Spell Speak With Dead
- They use their intelligence derived % to know spell to learn a new spell; if they fail they can try again with a new version, scroll, etc., when they reach the next level of experience

Multi Classing - If you have 13 or better in the prime requisites of both classes, you may multiclass between those two classes. No triple classing.

Dual Classing - If you have 15 or better in the prime requisites of both classes you may dual-class, although without the restrictions of not using your first classes ability until second class reaches the same level.

Initiative and Spell-casting (by the books AD&D only) - Spell casting begins on initiative segment, however if the caster is struck before they start casting it still is disrupted. 1 segment spells begins on the end of the casting segment and so forth. if casting extends into a second round than casting takes those two rounds.

First Aid - After a combat one can bind their wound and recover 1-4 hit points lost in the previous fight.