Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapter 5, Part 1: "A Return to Civilization..."

Players in this Act:

Buzz Brazelhach - Australian Fighting-Man
Dickie Dee - Addicted Bone Man Sorcerer
Kal-Mor - Bigoted Hyperborean Assassin
Maggot Mort - Addicted, Malformed Mutant Thief
Monster Monagin - Earth Man Sailor, Bully and Fighting-Man
Rodan the Scrounger - Green Man Scavenger and Fighting Man

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In the mining town of Pit the party plots their upcoming exploits. Several voice interest in an expedition to The Bronze Dome of the Desert in the Rust Desert westwards.

Monster Monagin makes inquires regarding the availability of guns, and finds out that a laser pistol is being sold for 1000 gold credits. Explaining his preference for lead-shooters, while considering the weight of his purse, he is told that some Earth Man equipment is being sold in Jakay, located in the Rust Desert westwards, as a crashed Earth Man rocket has been found and looted.

Kal-Mor researches the local assassination scene and finds out it is run by The Cult of the Scarlet Serpent Leopard. Their representatives are Mozug the Wrestler in Pit and Viridian Slasher of the Mantis Guard in the Xenon District of Agog City.

Finding the prospect of a reunieon with Mozug awkward, Kal-Mor presses the part to travel to the Rust Desert while stopping on the way in Agog City. The party agrees and after buying new mounts, this time choosing Orniths, a quadrupedal bird-horse, they make the brief journey back to Agog City.

Kal-Mor brings Buzz with him to the Mantis Guard Barracks. Meanwhile Dickie Dee and Maggot Mort immediately dive into the Lamia's Breath Intoxicating Vapour Lounge. Inquiring about new, exotic fares they are informed of a fresh shipment of the rare and expensive Eibon Matter, fermented flesh of a species of demon-centipede from the jungles of the far side of Algol.

The two intoxicant addicts pay an outrageous fee for two small lumps of Eibon Matter which they consume in a private room. They plunge into a slow, sluggish, numb, psychedelic narcotic haze where all their cares vanish as they watch universes unfold in the filth of the drug den.

At the Mantis Guard Barracks there is brief awkwardness when Kal-Mor states he is on "Scarlet Serpent Lizard" business, but soon he is blindfolded, hooded and led into the twisting depths of the Mantis Guard Barracks by two friendly, considerate Mantis Guards who, when they reach their destination, politely strap Kal-Mor into a chair and inject him with something.

Immediately Kal-Mor drops into a black, thoughtless state and feels a presence slowly and methodically going though every part of his mind, helpless to resist or even understand.

After waiting a turn, Buzz gets bored and asks around for a high class saloon. He is directed to the Flagrant Whore in Cobalt Hill and soon he in enjoying brandy and pungent, green cigars with a table of gentlemen adventurers in the dim, smoky lounge. One of the funny-coloured aristocratic sportsmen informs Buzz of a hunting expedition he is forming, to hunt the game of the northern flank of the eastern spur of the Bornite Mountains. The expedition will be staging in Jakay in the Rust Desert in 3 weeks time. Buzz is invited and accepts, and the revelry continues late into the night.

Meanwhile the rest of the party enjoys complimentary cups of Gin at the Lamia's Breath Saloon before retiring to the Chamber of Cushions, the hospitality due to their previous work for the proprietress of the Lamia's Breath, who politely does not bring up the issue of their failed assassination attempt on the rogue intoxicant distributor Mozug.

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