Saturday, September 12, 2009

Technological Artifacts - Ceramic Knife, Neural Disruptor and Radiation Crystal

A long knife with a slightly curved blade composed of super-hard ceramic with an edge one molecule thick; usually white, gray or black in colour. It has the same statistics as a dagger, but has +2 on to-hit rolls against armored opponents and +1 to damage armored and unarmed foes.
Encumbrance: 10

A bulky raygun with several bronze coloured prongs instead of a barrel, this artifact's area of effect is a cone 3" long and 1.5" wide at it's terminus. Those within the cone of effect must roll above their intelligence on a d20 or suffer a violent seizure, rendering them prone and helpless for 1-3 rounds and inflicting 1-4 points of damage. At the end of the seizure's duration, roll percentile dice; if the result is equal to the victim's intelligence or less, their brain explodes. Note that this artifact does not effect undead or targets without an organic brain.
Neural disruptors are powered by radium crystals, getting one use per crystal. It takes one round to reload a neural disruptor.
Encumbrance: 30

The unique geological conditions of Algol produce many anomalies unknown on Earth. In some high radiation areas of the underworld, miles below the surface, elegant tree-like structures of golden crystals grow out of veins of radioactive ore. These crystals contain potent stores of radiation energy, safely locked within the super-dense crystalline structure. The scientists of the Ancients discovered a method of synthesizing this substance, and used it to power many of their devices. Although radium crystals give off a faint yellow glow it is insufficient to see by.
Encumbrance: 5


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