Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Encounter Tables & a New Sub-Blog

I have started a new sub-blog of Planet Algol, "Referees' Resources," the reason for this being that although I encourage the players of the Planet Algol Campaign to both consult and contribute to this blog (as it serves as a guide to Planet Algol, a houserules document and a campaign journal), I also intend it's use as a resource for other referees. Spoiler tags are ugly, clumsy and easy to miss, ergo the creation of the Referees' Resources blog.

So if you are player in the Planet Algol campaign, or you believe that your referee may be using Planet Algol material, please do not read the Referees' Reference blog.

The posts on Referees' Resources will also include links to documents containing the same information. These documents will be edited and updated as work on Planet Algol progresses.

For the unveiling and initial post on Referees' Resources we have Three Encounter Tables for the Iridium Plateau Region, the Bornite Mountains, the Forbidden Mist Valley and the Glow Stain.

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