Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Realization - I Don't Like The Great Race of Yith

"What! Um, yes, our books do actually look like your normal, twentieth-century, everyday, human books. We're actually kind of embarrassed that we couldn't make them more bizarre looking. If you saw our toilets you'd be really disappointed."

I've come to realization regarding Lovecraft mythos creations in Dungeons & Dragons. This occurred to me while I was perusing Carcosa for material to use in my Planet Algol campaign. Robots? Yes! Snake Men? Yes! Primordial Ones? I loves these guys! The Great Race? Those guys piss me off.

Pretty much anything from the Cthulhu Mythos, aside from the more sad-sack pastiche creations, is fair game for consideration in use in my games. But I've never considered using the Great Race of Yith. These prehistoric communist invertebrates coldly, casually hijack peoples bodies for entertainment, and then just abandon the mess that ensues when the Flying Polys escape by kicking out the souls of a race of bugs people who are the only intelligent beings left in Earth's future. Callous! Their attitude just rubs me the wrong way, damn pompus, self-righteous rugose cones!


  1. The cone bodied organisms aren't even the original form of those soul-jacking creeps.

  2. They're not even from our planet and they have the gall to evict sentient species from their bodies whenever it's "convenient." Damn extraterrestrial carpetbaggers.

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