Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Illustration by Robin Ruddock
# Appearing: 1-3, Armor Class: 3
Move: 15", Hit Dice: 5+5
Attacks: 2 fists 1-4/1-4 and kick 1-6, or phasic long sword 2-16, or by weapon
Special: immune to poison, sleep, hold, charm, fear and other magical mind and emotion control/compusions
Intelligence: Average, Alignment: Lawful neutral (chaotic neutral if in love/obsessed)
Size: Medium
Androids created by an Ancient lord to serve as bodyguards, Synthezons appear to be pale-skinned human females with inky black hair. In actuality they are composed of a sheath of tough, synthetic flesh over a robotic endoskelton with a positronic brain.
Synthezons are strong, tough and fast. They are programmed with martial arts and are capable of making several lethal unarmed attacks per round. Many (40%) carry Ancient energy pistols or rifles as well, and Synthezons are also capable of projecting a phasic blade (equivalent to a phasic long sword) from one hand. They are able to project the blade for 5 rounds per day before their batteries run too low to maintain the blade. As this phasic blade has the same armor penetrating properties of most other energy weapons Synthezons will often keep their blade in reserve for destroying well-armored opponents.
Sometimes (10%) Synthezons are accompanied by Smilodons that appear normal but are actually robotic constructs beneath their fur. Synthezons are ordinarily cold, unemotional and logical, however if one is repaired after being reduced to 0 or less hit points or is reactivated after being dormant, make a percentile roll when they first see a human male. If the result is equal to or less than the male's charisma score than the Synthezon falls in love and becomes obsessed with him.


  1. Amazing. I can finally provide my evil sorcerer with an elite bodyguard! Quickly Vulnavia, to the Mutagen Pits!

  2. @ Jay: I guess you'd need to find other androids for parts or an ancient robotics facility.

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