Saturday, January 2, 2010

Planets and Like Bodies of the Beta Persei System

Listed in order of closest proximity to the three suns of Beta Persei

Avizkalsha - "Orb of the Fire Spirits"

A small, superheated, rocky, and metallic sphere in nearest orbit to Beta Persei; it is said to be inhabited by energy and mineral beings. One face of Avizkalsha is always facing the three suns and is a sea of molten matter with a superheated maelstrom of plasma above it, while the other side is cool and dark enough to have an actual crust. At the prime meridian between endless "night" and "day" molten rivers pierce into the dark half while islands break off and float into the hot half to melt.

Kiathut - "The Unceasing Tempest"

A planet roughly the same size as Algol. Kiathut is a water world with a hot atmosphere of constant cloudy, lashing hurricanes. The only landmasses are a few storm-carved spires and two small polar continents of barren stone mountains gashed with deep foggy canyons.

Emerald Mists of Kyaxyl

A massive disk-shaped gaseous cloud in orbit ketween Kiathut and Algol. Kyaxyl is composed of moist breathable gasses thick with aerial plankton and algae interspersed with small planetoids and huge masses of thick vegetation.

Planet Algol

Algol and its three moons are detailed here.

Iagdhir "The Frozen Hell"

A large frozen planet, Iagdhir has a decades long day-night cycle with one pole in constant sunlight and the other in endless night. The "noon" portion of Iagdhir experiences a "bloom" in algae and lichens, the only vegetation of the planet, with animal life either following this bloom in a constant migration or hibernating during the decades between blooms. During the years-long "night" the surface of the night-time portion of Iagdhir gets so cold that the atmosphere actually freezes.

Vurxabt "The Behemoth", "The Outer Worlds"

A massive lurid gas giant with several small moons, Virxabt has a dense metallic core with crushing gravitation and atmospheric pressure. Not much is known of Vurxabt or its moons, which themselves are the subject of all sorts of outlandish fables and stories.

Iajuxxa - "The Ever Sucking Mouth", "The Great Unmaker"

The furthest major body orbiting Beta Persei, Iajuxxa consists of a small black hole surrounded by a gaseous aura of dark matter. There are prophecies that aeons in the future it will devour Algol, and tales tell of vaults located in orbit about Iajuxxa within the dark matter where time passes slowly.


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