Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"... must infiltrate a wealthy banker in a castle, but have to contend with robot psychology, and opposition from clones trying to murder settlers..."

Age of Fable Plot Generator

It might as well have been designed for Encounter Critical and it seems very useful for those of us who run "gonzo/weird" games!


  1. When I read the first line I thought you were gonna rant about Treasure Town.


    That's an awesome generator.

  2. This is Genius!!!

    I'm pretty sure you just found the copywriter for all those bootleg DVDs...

    My fav mix - Fantasy/Western/Pulp/Space Opera:

    The heroes must avenge a business magnate in an asteroid field, but have to contend with an old enemy from the Civil War, and opposition from hostile Indians trying to acquire a peaceful village.

    Or the haiku-like:

    The heroes must investigate an artifact in an opium den, but have to contend with lack of trust, and opposition from an adventurer trying to banish the railroad.

  3. Gotta love those random generators for some weird pulp inspiration.

  4. Treasure City Haiku:

    riding into town
    you notice something quite strange
    gold streets? treasure town