Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Journal of the Sage and Red Box Vancouver!

Due to formatting weirdness, two "in character" posts by Fat Cotton that I just published are located in the clutter of older posts. Read them here and here.

As well, I am aglow with hometown pride that Vancouver now has It's Own Red Box Campaign! We're a big city like New York now! I would love to join in, but my other commitments (playing kill-your-mother music; getting up at 5:30 for work; spending time with the better half) preclude my involvement.

Still, I heartily endorse (with some jealousy!) this project and encourage any interested locals to meet up with them for a session!


  1. Disappointed! But it sounds like you're a busy guy. If you ever get some free time let us know.

    My co-DM, thickets, is even a massive Rocket Robin Hood fan...

  2. Damn, I need to slide coastside and catch the Red Box.
    I run oldschool here but I would love to hit the Red Box Campaign.

  3. @crOm: Thanks for the invite and I will try to make a game sometime, the getting up at 5:30 AM business is the main problem but I'd love to play! I'll let the players in my campaign know about this as well.

    I actually see thickets almost every day (although he's unaware of it) and I was actually thinking about putting a Planet Algol booklet through the mailslot as some form of random guerilla rpg-ing!

  4. "I actually see thickets almost every day (although he's unaware of it)."

    A little creepy, but if it nets our game an Algol booklet, who am I to judge. :)

  5. It's not's an artifact of his employer's appalling lack of respect for employee privacy!

  6. Do you ever see mee picking my nose?

  7. Haha, I try and ignore the "human aquarium" on the corner out of respect for a person's right to work without being stared at (I hate open concept kitchens!).

    A while back I was googling sundry rpg artists and your blog came up with the "fireworks on sale across the street from my work" picture which was pretty surreal as I live in the neighborhood, that's how I know.