Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Substance Properties Tables

Use to generate potions, intoxicants, foodstuffs, etc.

Base Substance d6

1-3 d12

1 Pellets

2 Fine powder

3 Seeds/pods

4 Gummy/resinous lump

5 Viscous fluid

6 Blossom

7 Fungi

8 Concoction of fermented organic matter

9 Dense vapour

10 Needles/stingers/thorns

11 Dried vegetable matter

12 Root/tuber

4-6 d12

1 Cigar/cigarette

2 Dried creature or portion thereof

3 Chalky lump

4 Flakes

5 Thin fluid

6 Cubes

7 Coarse granules

8 Small live creature

9 Living tissue or matter

10 Organ

11 Fruit/berry

12 Crystal/gem

Appearance d6

1-3 d12

1 Black

2 White

3 Gray

4 Iridescent

5 Mottled/marbled/blotchy

6 Brown

7 Green

8 Blue

9 Ocher

10 Red

11 Purple

12 Urine-colored

4-6 d12

1 Pus-colored

2 Moldy, reroll for colors

3 Glowing, reroll for color

4 Jale

5 Ulfire

6 Dolm

7 Fulgin

8 Translucent, reroll for color

9 Clear

10 Smoking/fuming, reroll for colors

11 Shifting coloration, reroll for colors

12 Metallic

Smell/Taste d6

1-3 d12

1 Metallic

2 Chemical

3 Moldy

4 Rotting flesh

5 Decaying vegetable matter

6 Tasteless/odorless

7 Spicy

8 Cinnamon

9 Fruity

10 Bloody

11 Dusty

12 Fishy

4-6 d12

1 Burnt/smoky

2 Resinous

3 Floral

4 Bitter

5 Pungent

6 Musky

7 Urine/feces

8 Acrid

9 Incense

10 Salty

11 Naptha

12 Sweet (75% sickly)


  1. What kinda game would use a table like this ;)

    Good stuff Blair !

  2. My continuing infatuation with random tables...

  3. [rolls]
    Gummy/resinous lump
    Decaying vegetable matter


    /more please!

  4. @ Jay: It was originally built for use with a d24, maybe I'll bump it up to a d30 table...

  5. Interesting. I got:



    Capcha: Underp. I wonder what that means?

  6. Yes, there seems to be some sort of bias for disgusting results!

  7. Thin Fluid


    +5 STR, for each dose taken there is a 10% chance (Cumulative) that the character will become hostile to everyone (DM controls the character) for 1d6d6 rounds.

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