Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Major Lords of Light

Eishar the Mother of Brides
Depicted as a beautiful, mature woman clad in the jewels and robes of a noble, Eishar is the Patroness of marriage (especially the arranged variety), concubines, institutional prostitution and domestic slaves.

Eitor the Lord of Soldiers
Depicted as a tall, muscular warriors clad in heavy armor with a large-crested full-face helm. Eitor is the patron of soldiers, generals, monster slayers and arms manufacturers.

Kyoth the All Knowing
Depicted as an elderly robes man with a long beard holding tomes and scrolls. Kyoth is the patron of scholars, sages, scribes and scientists.

Mordak the Lord of Civilization
Depicted as a tall, fit middle-ages man clad in light, ornamental armor and holding tools. Mordak is the patron of nobles, architects, engineers, bureaucrats, executioners and tradesmen.

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