Friday, January 29, 2010

The Transmaniacon

In the wastelands of Algol the roar of Fusion Cycles can sometimes be heard...the ominous harbinger of The Transmaniacon, a gang of bikers sorcerers from an alternate Earth who serve the Lords of Change.
Clad in filthy, worn leathers and denims, arms covered in blotchy tattoos, with big steel knives on their belts or in their boots and with a lust for intoxicants and violence, the Transmanicon are rightly feared by the travelers of Algol. Their symbol, prominently featured on their vests and skin, is the the ancient Greek symbol for Kronos/Saturn.
The Transmaniacon have been raiding the wastelands for centuries and some claim that their Fusion Cycles are capable of traveling through the Outer Dark to other planes, dimensions and universes.
Although they have no known headquarters on Algol, being nomadic in nature, it is said that they have a clubhouse in the extradimensional city (and hub of the interdimensional intoxicant trade) Interzone.
In addition to their expected weaponry of knives, chains, crude clubs, firearms and the like, they are said to possess technology to release repressed rage in others. Ther are whispers that they are associated with an especially dangerous avatar of Nyarlathotep known as Flagg or the Walking Dude. It is also said that they possess an obscure translation of the Necronomicon.


  1. If there's room for Naked Lunch, how's about Fear and Loathing in Agog City?

  2. Biker Sorcerers maybe serving Nyarlahotep? In the words of Bart Simpson: "You can't make this stuff up!"

    Seriously, this is like Rifts...but good.

  3. Awesome! I was just listening to that first B.O.C. album last night...

  4. Sir this entry so rocks hard. Very nicely done.

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