Friday, January 15, 2010

Hawkwind Related Third-Party Planet Algol Madness

[Spoilers-My Players Keep Out!]Sean Wills of Bite the Bulette continues his Awesomeness...

All I have to say is Wow! and that I am glad that someone beat me to the punch in detailing a means of getting to Athanor from Algol. And it's powered by Hawkwind!


  1. Aaargh! - I want to know, but as a pleyer I will definitely avoid this so not to spoil it.

  2. I'm gonna mirror Lester's comment and say, "This sounds so rad, but I am completely happy to stay the eff out of there for spoiler sake."

    Looking forward to heavy inter dimensional vortex creating blasts delivered from a Rickenbacker.

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