Monday, January 25, 2010

Cactogres & Mulg

# Appearing:
1-3, Armor Class: 3
Move: 9", Hit Dice: 5+2
Attacks: 2 fists 2-7/2-7 or by weapon with +4 to damage
Special: minimum damage from piercing attacks; can use mental powers as a 5th-level Mind Wizard
Intelligence: Low-high, Alignment: Chaotic evil
Size: Large (10'+ tall)
Resembling giant Cactoids with swollen, oversized craniums, Cactogres are a psychic mutant strain of the Cactus People. They suffer from enlarged psychic lobes which subjects them to constant agonizing pain in their heads as well as granting them mental powers. They are an irritable people as a result, and often take their discomfort out on smaller beings.

# Appearing: 3-12, Armor Class: 7
Move: 9", Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: by weapon
Special: half damage from piercing and crushing weapons; +4 on saving throws against charm and mental compulsions; -1 to attack rolls and saving throws in sunlight; some practice 'Sporecery'
Intelligence: Average (alien), Alignment: Neutral evil
Size: Medium
A race of motile sentient fungus, Mulg are slouched humanoid beings, mottled dark gray and black, with a skin of slimy, tattered sheets and folds of fungal material. Their eyes are recessed, glistening black pits and their mouths and noses are simple horizontal slits. They amanate a strong odor of wet, moldy, rotting vegetable matter.
The Mulg dwell in dim, moist environments where they practice inscrutable rites. Their way are alien and mostly incomprehensible to Humans, but it is known that many of them practice magic using spores produced by their bodies, the act of which has acquired the name 'Sporecery.' 10% of Mulg are ' Sporecerers,' of levels 2-7.

For examples of 'Sporecery' please consult Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets.


  1. Yes! You've quenched my thirst for cactoids with massive brain pans.

  2. I put a cactus on the table in front of my GM screen at our game on Saturday. :)

  3. Ah, the dreaded sporecery!
    Now, Blair coined the term and I merely ran with it.
    I have to say that Blair game me several laughs as I wrote up the spells of sporecery.

  4. game=gave, drat my spelling at 3.30 am!

  5. Good stuff, more sporecery please !

  6. Shouldn't this be in the Referee's Resources page?

    Thankfully I am an honest player (and DM) and didn't look at these menaces.

  7. I have added the tag, 'sporecery' to my blog for pertinent posts for those looking deeper into this fungal magic.

  8. It takes a special kind of awesome to introduce a race of cactus people...and then mutate the she hell out of them.


  9. @ Jay: It sure does, and that special kind of awesome comes courtesy of China Mieville...

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