Wednesday, January 27, 2010


# Appearing: 2-8
Armor Class: 7 or better
Move: 12"
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: by weapon and tail for 2-5
Special: no armor class penalty or bonus to attack roll when attacked from behind
Intelligence: Average
Alignment: Neutral
Size: Medium
Stegozons are a all-female race of dinosaur-human hybrids. They look like hairless, green-scaled human females with stegosaurus back plates on their head and spine. These plates protect them from attack from the rear. They possess long, muscular tails with spikes on the end like that of a stegosaurus which they can use to attack those to their rear or flanks. Stegozons reproduce via parthenogenesis, laying eggs and nursing their young when they hatch. Stegozons are reclusive vegetarians, despite this they are fierce combatants when assaulted or threatened


  1. A great idea and twist on classic Amazon encounters.

  2. Thanks, they're the product of free association/wordplay. "Synthezons...Stegozons...(stegosaur amazons?!?)...STEGOZONS!"

    I know one character in my campaign will be itching to cut a stegozon-shaped notch in his bedpost...

  3. Cool, is there going to be an Algol Bestiary ?

  4. There's a monster chapter in the Iridium Plateau manuscript, but I don't have any but the vaguest Bestiary plans yet.

    Not to imply that I don't want to produce an Algol Bestiary! Damn straight, Algol Bestiary, full of kickass weird science fantasy monsters that will eat your face!

    With whole chapters for Robots, Dinosaurs and Shoggoths! And expanded mutation and encounter tables!


  5. I would wholeheartedly enjoy an Algol beastiary! Especially if you're able to find artists to illustrate what goes on in that head of yours!!! :)

  6. I'll chime in for an Algol beastiary too!

  7. My plan is to continue releasing Planet Algol material as 50-64 page supplements, each with a region tie in. Planet Algol 1: The Iridium Plateau; Planet Algol 2: The Western Badlands; and so forth.
    I'm hoping to have released 4 of these booklets in a years time at which point the material will be compiled/reorganized and relased as individual booklets as well as a box set with a pile of extras.
    In the meantime, there will be monster sections in each Planet Algol booklet.
    We'll just see if my plans survives reality...

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