Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video Of A High Level Planet Algol Sorcerer Kicking Ass?

Plant Algol artist and player Lester forwarded this to me, obviously depicting a lost chapter of Planet Algol's history...


  1. As soon as I muted it I enjoyed it immensely.
    --Thank you for sharing this. :D

  2. The intro is pure Carpenter soundtrack and it veers into awesome Space Art territory. Those French folk DO know their disco. Sadly, beyond the discovery of fuzz pedals (q.v. Pierre Henri), they never produced any great rock (that I'm aware of - please prove me wrong).
    Will Sweeney is an amazing artist. His work is like looking at a mash up of Jodorowsky, Corben, Moebius and Kirby.

  3. Part of me wishes all music videos were animated like this.

    When I was a child, one of the TV channels over here used to show this Rondo Veneziano video on Saturday and Sunday mornings every week, without fail. I suppose they thought that since it was animated, it would fit in with the kids' shows they'd put on at those times. I think all it did for me is make me a fan of animated videos.

  4. Oh great, now I'll be day dreaming about an Algol Cartoon for the next two months!

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