Saturday, January 23, 2010

Planet Algol 1 : The Iridium Plateau - Update & RPG PDF Vendor Inquiry

I've been hashing out the Planet Algol 1 manuscript and working out the publishing matters and some plans have changed, so here is an update.

Planet Algol 1 : The Iridium Plateau will most likely be published via Comixpress. I went with Comixpress as they seemed far more flexible than Lulu and that they also can produce the booklets at a better price than local services. It will be a 52-page saddle stitch booklet, digest-sized at 5.5" wide and 8.5" tall.

I would like to make the PDF available for those who prefer the format but I don't have much experience with RPG PDF vendors, do any of you have recommendations in that regard?

Planet Algol 1 will be around 52 pages long. I was planning on including a detailed city (Kharhem) but with the 52-page limit imposed by Comixpress there is insufficient room and so it will be part of the next Planet Algol booklet.

As well I believe that you will pleased with both the quantity and the quality of the illustrations gracing the booklet's pages.

Here is a brief overview of it's contents:

The Players Section
- Introduction
- Planet Algol and it's Solar System, History and Inhabitants
- Earth Men and the alternate Planet Algol Earth History
- Map & Gazetteer of the Geography, Settlements and Ruins of the Iridium Plateau Region
- Suggested Houserules for Planet Algol Campaigns
- New Races: Cactoid & mutant
- New Classes: Cactoid, Mind Wizard and Sage
- Mounts & Equipment
- "Appendix N"

The Referees Section
- Referees Introduction & Other Books/Rules Suggested for Use With Planet Algol
- Hexmap & Hex Locations of the Iridium Plateau Region
- Encounter Tables for the Iridium Plateau Region
- Monsters
- Sorcerous and Technological Items
- Intoxicants
- Airships/Skyvessels

I don't have a firm deadline for publication, although it should be sometime in the next month or so. I've been working with some very talented artists and I don't want to rush them and also I certainly don't want to rush this product to the press without taking the time and attention to detail that a "labour of love" warrants.

It will be available soon and it should be beautiful!


  1. From what I've seen so far its gonna be excellent :)

    In terms of PDFs I've only dealt with Lulu - the big problem there was that PDF buyers don't get the cover(in Athanor's case too) so make sure to test whoever you use (I'm sure you will anyway).

    Are you going to release the print version first or both print * PDF simultaneously ? There are pros & cons either way.

    If you want any additional proofreading done, as ever, I'd help out.

  2. Blair, have you looked into RPG Now?

  3. Hey, are you looking for more artists? This looks like an awesome project.