Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Blue Radiance of Erysh

An extradimensional radiation utilized by Sorcerers and the like to induce awareness of higher order dimensions, The Blue Radiance of Erysh is invoked by use of a apparatus of prisms and rods. The radiance itself overpowers all other illumination, and resembles ultraviolet "black light" illumination. Shadows are darker and patterns dance in the corners of one's eyes.

Although it is an exceedingly potent tool for the purposes of meditation, divination and sorcerous research, those who make frequent use of The Blue Radiance of Erysh are often subject to obesession and madness; with intense, frequent exposure users becomes canker-ridden and anemic.


  1. Love this. Any game mechanics associated with the Blue Radiance (aside from implied fx on Constitution)?

  2. This is calling out for a black light as a game-night prop. :)

  3. G. Benedicto: I'm unsure if I'm going to bother? It's more of a set dressing/narrative tool.

    Staurt: Sadly enough I never thought of it.