Monday, April 12, 2010

Mind Wizard and Assassin Traits

In order for use with this and this.

d20 Mind Wizard Traits
1 Bulging, saucer eyes.
2 Protuberant cranial veins that throb when using mental powers.
3 Can telepathically communicate with animals.
4 Oversize cranium.
5 Elongated, narrow skull.
6 Bald.
7 Bald with a vaguely brain-shaped heap.
8 Gem impanted in forehead.
9 Will meditate for hours on end.
10 Holds all non-psychic beings in contempt.
11 Is really into crystals.
12 Malformed or crippled.
13 Creepy child, may have a bowl cut.
14 Stares all the time, never blinks.
15 Occasionally mutters in an unknown language to unseen entities and is completely unaware of doing so.
16 Is always performing calculations.
17 Always wears striking robes, most likely of metallic fabric.
18 Wears a metal headband.
19 Blind, but is unhampered due to psychic compensation.
20 Can sense demons, evil spirits and the like.

d20 Assassin Traits
1 Wears black all of the time.
2 Almost never speaks.
3 Broods on rooftops and otherwise engages in similar behavior.
4 Always making euphemistic quips and witticisms related to their profession.
5 A consummate professional.
6 Former consummate profession now sloppy due to the toll of intoxicant abuse.
7 Has a poisoned dart thrower concealed in an item of jewelry.
8 Has a slender, flexible melee weapon concealed in an inoffensive item.
9 Collects poisons, has en extensive collection.
10 Can hide motionless for days.
11 Ruthless about gold and always demands full payment before the job.
12 Collects trophies from their kills.
13 Always leaves a signature "calling card." such as a purple lotus, a distinctive weapon left in the victim's body or a glyph carved into the wall.
14 Makes friends with their targets beforehand.
15 Refuses to kill women or children.
16 Relishes the suffering of the innocent, vulnerable and the helpless.
17 Devotee of a death or murder cult.
18 Is always reserved, inscrutable, aloof and unflappable, but is actually very, very intoxicated all of the time.
19 Uses poisonous creatures in their trade.
20 Master of disguise and bluffing.


  1. Nice!
    "Creepy child, may have a bowl cut." - Sounds like the neighbors kid!

  2. More tables! I especially like:

    'Is always reserved, inscrutable, aloof and unflappable, but is actually very, very intoxicated all of the time.'

  3. @ Bill: Perhaps an annoying child table is in order...

    @ Sean: And by intoxicated I mean HIGH. Radioactive Space Meth Pupils You Can Fire A Panzerfaust Through High!