Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Triumph At Red Box Vancouver!

crOm of Red Box Vancouver graciously invited me to one of their games at a coffee shop in my neighborhood last night. As I just had a band practice cancellation and a hole in my schedule I jumped at the opportunity...although every other member of the "Saucers & Sorcerers Society" were too busy/cool/lame ;) to attend...

...and I had a great time! The Red Box Vancouver guys are a real friendly/welcoming and fun bunch, and Corporal Kaffshyth ("Sending teenaged boys to their death is precisely how I became a Corporal!) was proud to aid the good people of Threshold by rescuing the children TREASURE! from the sewers. As well as uncovering a conspiracy involving corrupt, evil town guards! (I think that snooty elf is involved as well...)

However, Next time Corporal Kaffshyth is bringing the necessary equipment to harvest Yellow Mold and Rot Grubs. "What do you get when you cross a bottle full of rot grubs with a dragon? A dead dragon..."


  1. I want to note that Bonspiel von Helmut fully supported your scheme to harvest* rot grubs and use them against local dragons (and other wealthy monsters).

    I want a S&SS/Red Box crossover! Bonspiel needs a laser gun and a cube of orichalcum.

    * By teen-aged retainer, of course.

  2. I fully support a meeting of minds (or mind wizards) with Red Box and S&SS. Maybe a dwarf can make it to Algol...